Louise Nimmo

 ROME – In one day the number of people in hospital beds has increased in 17 regions, bringing Italy’s total occupancy rate to 19 percent, said the national agency for regional health services Tuesday.

 The most critical situation is in Valle d'Aosta, where the occupancy rate is 45 percent, followed by Calabria and Liguria which have 31 and 30 percent respectively.

4 Jan 2022

 CASTELLAMMARE DI STABIA – A funeral for Assunta ‘Pupetta’ Maresca, credited with being Italy's most notorious woman gangster, has been banned by police because of her  status as a Camorra boss, a term her lawyers dispute, police sources say.

3 Jan 2022
Philip Stringer

 ROME – In an opening statement to the recent FAO Council, Director General Qu Dongyu pledged “to take FAO’s work out of the castles and bring it to the people in the streets.” The fulfillment of this ambitious promise, however, appears to be more remote than ever, FAO watchers say.

23 Dec 2021

 ROME – After Zambia’s recent election brought in the new government of President Hakainde Hichilema with a landslide majority, the country is replete with opportunities for Italian companies in the energy, agricultural, mining and tourist sectors, the Zambian Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Dr. Joseph Katema, told the Italian Insider. Zambia also is an ideal hub for Western companies to reach massive markets in southern and eastern Africa, Dr Katema said in a wide-ranging interview.    

29 Nov 2021
Louise Nimmo

 ROME – A flight from Athens to Fiumicino brought 48 refugees to Italy Friday morning, thanks to humanitarian corridors organised by the Community of Sant'Egidio.

 The refugees had spent long periods of time in refugee camps on Greek islands, including the centre in Moria on Lesbos, where Pope Francis recently paid a visit on his trip to Greece and Cyprus.

28 Jan 2022

 VATICAN CITY -- Following the publication of the investigation, the years of the Pope Emeritus’ Bavarian episcopate are in the spotlight. It is fair to remember Benedict XVI’s fight against clerical paedophilia during his pontificate and his willingness to meet and listen to the victims, asking them for forgiveness.

28 Jan 2022
Louise Nimmo

 ROME – The fourth round of votes by the regional delegates to elect the next President took place Thursday, with results due to be published in the evening.

 For three consecutive days, Parliament has failed to agree on a new President. However, the number of blank ballots has been steadily decreasing. On Monday there were 672 abstentions, on Tuesday 527 and on Wednesday just over 400.

27 Jan 2022
Louise Nimmo

 ROME – The first round of voting for the next President of Italy resulted in no on being elected, with the same outcome expected for Tuesday's vote, political sources said.

 The Democratic Party, the alternative Five Star Movement, centre-right Us With Italy, right-wing Brothers of Italy and left-wing Free and Equal party all declared they would not vote for anyone in the first round, which took place Monday afternoon.

25 Jan 2022
Gianfranco Nitti

 ROME – A Finnish ecumenical delegation visited Rome for the Mass of Saint Henry, celebrated in the Basilica of Santa Maria Sopra Minerva. The Lutheran bishop of Oulu Jukka Keskitalo officiated, and the Catholic Bishop Emeritus of Finland Teemu Sippo SCJ gave the homily; the Finnish ambassador to the Holy See, Kalle Kankaanpää, read a text while the Sámi pastor of Inari, Mari Valjakka, read an epistle in Sámi, the Lapp language.

22 Jan 2022