ROME – Staff at the FAO have welcomed the approachable, open style of their new director general Qu Dongyu as senior Latin American and Hispanic executives appointed by the previous Brazilian regime scramble to find safe boltholes near their homelands before the new Chinese supremo axes them from high-paying sinecures at headquarters, FAO sources say.

21 Oct 2019
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 LAMPEDUSA - The full tragedy of the Mediterranean migrant crisis has again been shown with the discovery of the bodies of a young woman and a child on the sea floor, still embracing.

 They were first seen in images taken Tuesday by an underwater drone, six miles from Lampedusa.

 On Oct. 7, a small boat containing about 50 people capsized off Lampedusa.  22 were saved.

 The bodies of 13 women were recovered immediately.  7 bodies, including the child’s, have since been retrieved by coastguard divers.

18 Oct 2019
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 ROME – Turkey is one of the Italian weapons industry's major clients according to statistics, raising calls for arms exports to the country to stop immediately.

 Italian newspaperValori reports that the Foreign Ministry in Italy authorised arms sales to Turkey for 360 million euros in 2018, according to the statistics from the Italian Network for Disarmament.  Therefore, says Valori, Italy's exports are facilitating the Turkish offensive in Syria.

11 Oct 2019
Christopher Lamb
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 VATICAN CITY - Pope Francis is urging bishops taking part in the Amazon synod not to chase the Holy Spirit away from their discussions, as he launched the first full working day of a summit designed to bolster the Church’s evangelising presence in the region.

 Speaking to the 268 participants in the Paul VI Hall this morning, the Pope warned against a “homogenising centralism” in the Church, driven by ideology and which fails to respect local cultures.

10 Oct 2019
Gabriel Barrie
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 ROME – The Italian Insider approaches its 10th anniversary amidst future uncertainty, but reflects on a decade of journalism from dozens of young reporters, many of them students or interns who are just setting out in the industry. A great number have gone on to work for national media outlets like ITN, the Sunday Times, the Daily Mail, and NME. They pay homage to their first taste in journalism as a defining and instructive experience.


9 Oct 2019