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 ROME – The Chamber of Deputies has voted by secret ballot not to place Forza Italia deputy Diego Sozzani under house arrest, in an early defeat for the new government.Sozzani is accused of illegally financing political parties.  The result of the secret vote to decide if he ought to be lose his parliamentary immunity was 309 votes against to 235 in favour.

19 Sep 2019
John Phillips

 ROME – Pakistani Ambassador to Italy H.E. Nadeem Riyaz shrugged off a recent cricket injury to appeal to the foreign and Italian press for coverage of ‘atrocities’ and human rights abuses in the Indian annexed half of disputed Kashmir which has been under curfew and a communications blackout since August.

19 Sep 2019
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 ROME – President of France Emmanuel Macron is arrived in Rome on Wednesday for talks with Italian prime minister Giuseppe Conte.  The discussions focussed on the issue of migration.

 The visit is seen as representing a decrease in tension between the two countries after serious disagreements earlier this year.  A diplomatic crisis in February led to France recalling its ambassador from Italy, citing unfounded attacks from the then deputy prime ministers Matteo Salvini and Luigi Di Maio.

18 Sep 2019

 ROME — After what now looks like the token axeing of the FAO HR director for alleged serial sex harassment, the new Chinese supremo at the UN poverty-busting agency seems to be following in the footsteps of his predecessor by hobnobbing with envoys from dodgy regimes such as Azerbaijan and generating vast quantities of hot air, FAO watchers say.

 According to the FAO website Qu Dongyu had a ‘major meeting’ with senior staff members and reported on all the latest developments since he took over last month from Brazilian ‘caudillo’ José Graziano da SIlva.

17 Sep 2019

 ROME -- A conference on modern slavery will be held at Marymount School on Friday Sept. 27. Details can be found at the following link:



16 Sep 2019