Tim Wade
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ROME – Human rights, the growing power of the Arab world in the Mediterranean and the challenges for future relationships between Europe and the Gulf were the central themes of three talks at the Euro-Gulf Information Centre (EGIC) by Dr Silvia Colombo, Dr Gerald Power and Dr Rachid Chaker as part of the Centre’s “Lessons from History” series.

19 Feb 2018
Insider reporters

 ROME – A senior World Food Programme executive may have sparked a sex harassment probe by allegedly making "homophobic remarks" to gay employees at the agency’s Kabul office, UN sources have said.

  Mick Lorentzen was suspended as long as last March from his job as Afghanistan country director for WFP after an outside investigation into the allegations was held in Kabul the previous month, the sources said.

19 Feb 2018
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ROME – Italy’s politicians have piled promise upon promise in the election campaign, with all parties having pledged a total of one trillion euros so far, according to La Stampa.

 It follows a number of headline grabbing proposals from Italy’s politicians including Silvio Berlusconi’s calls for a “Flat Tax” in Italy, and the Five Star Movement’s (M5S) call for a citizen’s income.

19 Feb 2018
Daisy Raichura
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  MONTALCINO- Every February amidst the blustering Tuscan winter winds, thousands coalesce in this small town to savour a warming slice of summer thanks to the Consorzio del vino Brunello di Montalcino who organizes ‘Benvenuto Brunello.’

18 Feb 2018
John Phillips

ROME-Peter Anthony Gallo, Director of ‘Hear their Cries’ and former UN investigator, speaks to the Italian Insider about Oxfam and the UN admission that privileges and immunities do not apply in child sex abuse cases. Q: What is the story behind 'Hear their Cries?' 

15 Feb 2018