James Hawkins-Hooker

 ROME – Chilean Nobel prize-winning poet, Pablo Neruda, was to be celebrated at an event on the southern Italian island of Capri to commemorate the release of a new book on the murky events surrounding his death.

5 Aug 2020

VATICAN CITY -  Pope Francis on Wednesday called for prayers for those affected by the explosion in Beirut that has killed at least 100 people and wounded over 4,000.

 “We pray for the victims and for their families; and we pray for Lebanon” said the pontiff. Lebanon, which is in a state of economic crisis, was struck by a massive explosion in the port area of its capital city of Beirut on Tuesday.

5 Aug 2020
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ROME – Increase the tax burden to reduce public debt or decrease the tax rates to boost the economy? This is the question that political forces have been asking themselves in recent years and it still arises without an answer.

  Whatever the answer and from whatever the angle you look at the question, the goal that governments have succeeded in has been to make Italy and its economic system attractive to foreign residents so to increase both directly and indirectly, the tax revenues generated by them.

3 Aug 2020
Parichehr Parsi
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 Narguess Hatami, born in 1981 in Tehran, is the co-founder of Miahatami, a creative brand of women clothing and accessories. She was the winner of Vogue Italia Talent Scouting competition ‘Who Is On Next’ in 2016, and now lives in Italy with her husband where she runs her own business. She has had a challenging path to the top, and her designs represent a fusion of Middle Eastern and European fashion. During lockdown, she has started working on a new project focused on a new way of doing fashion - more quality, less quantity, with a priority on eco-sustainability.

21 Jul 2020
Insider reporters

ROME – A solemn promise by Antonio Capuano, the lawyer of the Kuwaiti Embassy in Italy, to arrange payment of the longstanding debt to Italian Insider run up for work commissioned by the previous ambassador Sheikh Ali Khalid Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, has unfortunately come to nothing.

15 Jul 2020