NAPLES  - As many as 55 employees at Loreto Mare public hospital were placed under house arrest Friday by NAS- the branch of paramilitary Carabinieri police responsible for health protection- in a raid after uncovering acts of fraud committed by state health employees during working hours, authorities reported. Doctors, nurses, technicians and janitors were all taken by surprise in a police raid just after 2 a.m. on Friday morning.

25 Feb 2017
Tom Little
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 ROME-- The King of television casting and television productions, Nando Moscariello, held a lavish party in celebration of his 40th birthday. Mr Moscariello is the creator of such hit shows as “Vivi La Vita” (Live Life) and “Action Academy”.

24 Feb 2017
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23 Feb 2017

 ROME – Anglo-Canadian psyche folk singer and Current 93 guitarist Simon Finn will play his first concert in Italy for years at the Asino che Vola club and restaurant in Rome March 16,  the Italian Insider announced Thursday. Proceeds of ticket sales will go to the Italian Insider’s legal Defense Fund to help pay costs of fighting defamation suits brought in the Rome Tribunal by FAO Director General José Graziano da Silva and four other executives at the UN agency.

10 Feb 2017
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 WASHINGTON – Republican House Foreign Affairs subcommittee Chairman Chris Smith lambasted the FAO Thursday for seeking "to silence truthtellers" inside the UN agency and slammed Director General José Graziano da Silva for hiring former Peruvian first lady Nadine Heredia.

2 Feb 2017