ROME –The Kuwaiti Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Sheikh Ali Al-Khaled Al-Jaber Al-Sabah, played host to the diplomatic corps Tuesday at a reception to mark Kuwait's national day.

26 Feb 2015

ROME – James Bond has set up shop in the Eternal City but villainous bureaucrats are foiling 007.

Filming for the latest instalment of the James Bond saga has moved to Rome. Spectre, the twenty-fourth film in the franchise, is due for release in November and will see Daniel Craig take the lead for the fourth time, starring alongside new Bond Girl Monica Bellucci.

26 Feb 2015

ROME- Veteran German correspondent Tobias Piller, fighting French reporter Mathilde Auvillain for Italy's foreign press club presidency, has urged members to eschew "managerial experiments."
    In an open letter to members of the Associazione della Stampa Estera, Herr Piller, who twice has served as club president before, on Thursday noted that the future of the club's premises on "Humility Street," the via dell'Umiltà a coin's throw from the Trevi Fountain, is in doubt.

21 Feb 2015

LAKE MALAWI - I walked down the white sands and met Winston Banda who stands with a friendly demeanour, his medium-length dreads framing a smile.

 He and I then travelled inland from the beach, treading a narrow path through the sprawling masses of cassava, the plants as tall as a man. Winston, whose name I have changed, inherited a substantial two-hectare plot of land in the Nkhata Bay region of Malawi. There, he grows crops such as tomatoes, potatoes, spinach, bananas and great fields of cassava –the starchy basis for the country’s staple dish, nsima.

25 Feb 2015

 ROME – police fought running battles with fans from the Dutch team Feyenoord for a second day Thursday ahead of a Europa League match against Roma in the Olympic Stadium.

 On Wednesday night police in full riot gear charged and eventually dispersed hundreds of  drunken Dutch hooligans setting off flares and rampaging through the popular Campo di Fiori entertainment area. Dozens of Dutch hooligans were arrested.

19 Feb 2015

New York- Despite President Bouteflika’s 2011 promise to reform the system and new laws on political parties and freedom of assembly, Algeria has apparently made no real progress on human rights.

18 Feb 2015

TURIN – More than one thousand taxi drivers took to the streets in protest against private app-based taxi companies. The protest involved drivers from all over Italy and moved from Piazza Arbarello to Piazza Castello where they protested outside the regional prefecture.

18 Feb 2015

 PERTH -Death and satire are no strangers- As early as the 7th century BC Archilochus’ satire was thought demonic with power to kill its intended target.

17 Feb 2015

Rome- Popular French reporter Mathilde Auvillain may upset veteran German correspondent Tobias Piller in elections for president of the Foreign Press Club this month, media pundits say.

 The winner will replace Herr Piller’s ally Maartin van Alderen, a Dutchman working for Die Telegraaf, at the helm of the Associazione della Stampa Estera in Italia in “Humility street,” the via dell’Umiltà a stone's throw from the Trevi fountain, as the association seeks to negotiate the future of its premises with the Italian government.

14 Feb 2015

ROME – “More than 120 countries” reputedly endorse the re-election of the FAO director general but which nations officially support José Graziano da Silva remains a mystery, diplomatic sources say.

  “Under the leadership of Graziano da Silva FAO … is becoming ever more responsive, more present in the lives of countries around the world,” the Brazilian caudillo’s website crowed as the UN agency announced he will run unopposed for election to a second glorious term of office in June.

10 Feb 2015