Rome -- The resignation of flamboyant mayor of Rome Ignazio Marino could herald a nightmare for authorities if the Eternal City is rudderless during the upcoming Jubilee, political experts said Friday.

On Thursday night, after a chaotic beginning of the week in which the mayor was brutally accused by the media regarding his involvement in a mushrooming ‘credit card’ expenses affair, Marino- discredited also by his own party- decided to resign.

9 Oct 2015
Desmond O'Grady

  Roberto Saviano hit the jackpot with his first book Gomorrah, an exposure of the  Neapolitan Mafia, the Camorra. I admired it although regretting the fictional elements in a non-fictional narrative.

29 Sep 2015

ROME--Giordana di Stefano was 20 years old, had a child and, like many other women in Italy, she went to the police to denounce her former live-in boyfriend and future murderer, Antonio Luca Priolo.

11 Oct 2015


  MATERA — Two students have died, having fallen from a hot air balloon at the Hot Air Balloon festival in Matera. 

9 Oct 2015

  PIGNETO – While students are chatting over a beer in bar Necci, down the road, tourists gaze at a mural of a stern looking man. In the main street, in the Vecchia Cantina, aluminium wine barrels carry black-and-white photographs of a movie director and his assistant. The Pigneto is selling Pasolini by the pound. All credit cards accepted.

6 Oct 2015
Michael Mewshaw


  The Rise and Fall from Cosa Nostra to Bunga Bunga

1 Oct 2015
asia colombo

  MILAN -- Chris Greenhalgh, man of letters, acclaimed poet and author of the novel Coco and Igor, this month became the new Principal at The British School of Milan.

30 Sep 2015