ROME – The Community of Sant’Egidio has secured the release of Senegalese soldiers held by the Movement of Democratic Forces of Casamance (MDFC).

The Community of Sant’Egidio, dedicated to evangelisation and charity in Italy and 73 countries around the world, is the official mediator in the Casamancese conflict.

11 Dec 2012
John Phillips

ROME - Perhaps the most dazzling yet under-utilised resource for English authors in Italy is the Open Door book shop in Trastevere’s via della Lungaretta. Run by South African writer Elaine O’Reilley and her business partner Lavinia Ciuffa, this hallowed expatriate institution was founded in the 1970s by Charles Nopar, who wrote a column for the old English-language Daily American but died four years ago.

10 Dec 2012
Shelly Kittleson

 REYHANLI, TURKEY -As the Assad regime continues to conduct air strikes on rebel-held medical facilities, Syrian doctors across the border are hindered by government and banking regulations. 

10 Dec 2012
Brendan Donaghy


7. Shopping for things you can hold on to (9)  

8. Frenzied artist meets order (5)

9. When ITN news starts, turn it on – that’s an order! (9)

10. What heavy breather does for a bit of 15? (5)

12. Abhor a clergyman’s partial reading of divine revelation (6)

13. One questions former monarch about dictator (8)

14. Where toddler is put when the French help to change nappy (7)

17. Young lady has crisis in a socially inept group (7)

20. Overly personal information upset navvies (8)

22. See 16 down

7 Dec 2012

ROME - The English Theatre of Rome has presented a weekend of 'laughs, lust and love at Teatro l’Arciliuto' in Piazza Montevecchio. 

The feature is Loveplay written by Moira Buffini. 

 Directed by Douglas Dean and directed by Gaby Ford, Loveplay is a serio-comic look at two thousand years of human folly in 90 minutes. Saucy, powerful and hilarious, Loveplay makes a voracious search through time and history and challenges the whys and ways we aspire to love.

7 Dec 2012
Gianfranco Nitti

ROME - It’s an original journey into the history and evolution of the most current trend in contemporary fashion and at the same time a tribute to the evocative power of yesterday’s style.

This is the innovative idea of ​​‘Vintage. The irresistible charm of the past’, a great exhibition organized by the Prato Textile Museum focused on Fashion Vintage, which opens Friday Dec. 7, 2012.

5 Dec 2012

ROME -- In some ways, the Italian national team has been doing well in spite of, rather than because of, Serie A for many years. World champions in 2006 and runners-up to the seemingly unstoppable Spain at Euro 2012, they've been one of the international game's powerhouses. Meanwhile, the domestic league, which once produced a never-ending selection of world-class talent for the Azzurri, has been crumbling.

5 Dec 2012

ROME - For the Union Cycliste Internationale, the body which governs world cycling, the pressure is on. As the sport comes to terms with the full extent of the Lance Armstrong affair, it's clear that this is one problem which won't simply be forgotten about. Change is vital if cycling is going to survive what the United States Anti Doping Agency called “the most sophisticated, professionalised and successful doping program that sport has ever seen.” That much of the peloton was engaged in some form of doping during the 1990s and 2000s won't shock too many observers.

4 Dec 2012
Laura Simmons

 SIENA - Ten good reasons to visit this Tuscan hill town, from the language to the religion via the sports-crazed and the Christmas spirit.


1. Improve your spelling

The Italian town is spelled with one ‘N’, not two. In Italian anyway, and often in English too. The name is pronounced smoothly, without a double consonant unnecessarily adding stress to the word. The smooth city name contrasts with the contrasted topography your legs can’t help but complain about, but the city’s atmosphere will soon enough relax the visitor coming from Rome.

3 Dec 2012