Italy needs tax breaks and poetry to beat pandemic

  NAPLES - The spread of Covid-19 is a serious problem that has impacted us now for a year, a virus of infinitesimal proportions but of such power, that has forced us to review the organisation of our lives on the health, economic and social level.

  On the health level, for too many years have we witnessed a continuous and terrifying destruction of Italian healthcare systems that, even if recognized as one of the best in the world, contains flaws that are truly unmasked in periods of emergency such as the one in which we are living. We are at a point in which we must put into play all the resources and energy possible in order to tackle, or reduce to a minimum, the risk from this virus, that although of infinitesimal dimensions, travels with all its might.

  From an economic point of view, I believe that governments, Italian and European generally, have taken measures for which they could have done more. In my opinion, important action had to be taken in regard to, for example, VAT; one could have opted for the payment of differentiated VAT, for which I propose -- all businesses that fulfil the following prerequisites can fill out the application to obtain the payment of differentiated VAT:

a) Businesses whose turnover is between 200,001 euros and 3,000,000 euros.

b) Businesses that, satisfying a), also do not have any type of dispute with the Revenue Agency, nor with employees, and have no criminal record and no pending administrative charges.

c) Businesses that, satisfying a) and b), are able to hire staff.

Having satisfied a), b) and c), a business owner who has presented the right application for the payment of differentiated VAT within 12 months of the submission of their revenue, will be able to start negotiations between the business and the state to plan the number of employees that the business can hire.


1. Reduction in the number of bank loan applications.

2. Greater liquidity of company funds.

3. Reduction in civil and criminal lawsuits.

4. Increase in employment.

In the social field has now spread a bitter feeling of desperation. There are families that no longer have the ability to guarantee a meal for their children and I hope that every government, Italian and European, will propose real solutions, with immediate intervention in order to guarantee survival for everyone.

In the end what I want to say is that we cannot let ourselves do nothing. We have to always have hope and I, being a poet as well as an engineer, am convinced that poetry, in delicate and intolerable times like these in which we are living, can comfort the soul and lift the heart. I have written my own poem to wish me luck that we can all, sooner or later, take great flight and lift ourselves from the anguish that we are going through.



every human life,

if at the rising of the sun

were to look up above,

could paint in the sky

wings to be able at least to think of flying.


ft ol