ROME – Alessandra Todde of the 5 Star Movement was elected as president of Sardinia, after the island held a regional election on Sunday.

 Todde won with 45.4 percent of the vote, representing a centre-left coalition of the 5 Star Movement, the Democratic Party and other smaller left leaning parties. She has become the first female president of Sardinia and the first to stand for the 5 Star Movement.

27 Feb 2024

 ROME – A 37-year-old was shot and killed in the Sperone neighbourhood of Palermo, while another man remains in a critical conditions, police said.

 The shooting took place on Monday night. The victim was identified as Giancarlo Romano, and the wounded man was named as Salvo Alessio Caruso.

 Investigators said both men had been shot several times, with Caruso receiving multiple injuries to his abdomen.

 It is also believed that the two men were shot at by two different guns, as examination of bullet casing revealed four of the same calibre and two others.

27 Feb 2024
Josephine de La Bruyère

 ROME — A Calabrian parish priest who has criticized the 'Ndrangheta in his sermons survived an attempt to poison him by diluting his sacramental wine with bleach, the Corriere della Sera reported.

 Father Felice Palamara consecrated the Eucharist as normal during services at San Nicola di Pannaconi, his hamlet church in the province of Vibo Valentia. But when he moved to drink from his chalice of transubstantiated, sacramental wine, a strange smell made Palamara suddenly feel ill, he said. 

26 Feb 2024

 ROME – Italian tennis player Jasmine Paolini won the WTA 1000 in Dubai, beating Russian Anna Kalinskaya to rise to 14th in the world rankings.

 Maintaining Italy’s success in the tennis world, Paolini fought back from a first set loss to beat Kalinskaya 4-6, 7-5, 7-5.

 Kalinskaya previously knocked Paolini out of the Australian Open in January.

 Paolini is the third Italian woman to win a WTA and eighth Italian woman to be in the top 15.

 Speaking after her victory, she said was “very happy” and “proud.”


26 Feb 2024

 ROME – Giorgia Meloni visited Kiev, Ukraine, on Saturday where she met with Ukrainian president Zelensky on behalf of the G7 and the EU.

 Meloni and Zelensky held a joint press conference where they reiterated the need for a “Ukrainian victory” against Russia. Meloni's first words on Ukrainian soil affirmed that Ukraine is “a part of our home and we will defend it" as she attended a ceremony for soldiers who had defended Kiev's airport during the battle of Hostomel. 

24 Feb 2024