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 Under a recent conciliation agreement at Milan University, all foreign-language lecturers, or Lettori, have received salary arrears in full, and those still in service will see their pay brought up to the level of their Italian counterparts. Milan received 5.4 million euros from the State to fund the pay-out and will not now have to reach into its own coffers to cover future court cases; the lecturers, too, can feel satisfied with their reward for a struggle that lasted nearly 40 years.

11 Dec 2023
Grace Stathatos

 ROME - Albanian prime minister, Edi Rama, breaks promise to support Italy’s plan to control immigration in cooperation with Albania, as reported Tuesday after the bilateral conference on December 5th between

8 Dec 2023

 ROME - Group of young climate change activists, “The Last Generation,” roused attention while protesting in front of Saint Mark's Basilica on Thursday in Venice.

8 Dec 2023
John Phillips

 ROME – Journalists from the Foreign Press Association in Italy bade farewell to the palazzo in 'Humility Street,' a stone’s throw from the Trevi Fountain, where they have been based for the past 22 years.

 The building in the busy Via dell'Umiltà below the Quirinal Palace is to become a luxury hotel and a new foreign press club headquarters is to be inaugurated in February in the apartment in the Palazzo Grazioli formerly occupied by the late prime minister and media mogul, Silvio Berlusconi.


5 Dec 2023

 ROME – The popularity of World Food Programme Executive Cindy McCain among staff has plummeted as staff accuse the maverick Republican party supporter and personal friend of President Biden of insensitively disregarding UN values by what critics say is her supporting Israel openly in the conflict in Gaza, a stance she has defended as loyalty to the legacy of her late husband.

2 Dec 2023