Exhibition to celebrate multiculturalism at Palau Festival

Monika Bulaj

PALAU – Polish photographer, Monika Bulaj, will present her exhibition Broken Songlines at the twenty-fourth edition of the International Festival Isole che Parlano from Sep. 10 to Oct. 8.

 The exhibition is a series of 51 photographs that demonstrate Bulaj’s experiences with minority cultures throughout the world and will be shown in the Centro di Documentazione del Territorio in the Sardinian comune of Palau. Bulaj describes her interest in these cultures saying “I have travelled between spiritual boundaries, in the crossroads of forgotten kingdoms, where faiths and the weakest and least defended traditions sparkle with their fragile and defenceless resistance, and their capacity for dialogue and discovery.”

 Bulaj is a Polish photographer, reporter, documentarian and performer who works on the borders of ethnic and religious minorities and her exhibition Broken Songlines has been aided by the contribution of Fujifilm in collaboration with the Polish Institute of Rome. On the inaugural evening of the Festival, Thursday Sep. 10 at 10 30 p.m. there will be a special reception with the fotographer who will lead a multimedia performance of Broken Songlines – Three manuscripts.