That’s Entertainment, retro style.

ROME-- With its inception eight years ago Micca Club is proving to be a strong contender on the Roman night life scene. With its passion to provide alternative forms of entertainment that is deeply infused with Miccas’ unique style, the club is offering an escape to better times, an era of swing, burlesque and cabaret.

Owner Alessandro Casella originally began in the publishing business with a magazine dedicated to unusual forms or art and artists in music and the entertainment industry as well as vintage fashion post World War II. Wanting to have a more tangible space dedicated to what was already established in the magazine, the foundations of Micca Club began.

Inspired by clubs such as Crazy Horse in Paris, the concept is “very strong even if there is nothing on stage” Casella explains, it is the “only club where the art direction is deeply ingrained” making the atmosphere of the place completely unique. With the current economic state of Italy, more and more Romans are coming to Micca to escape the harsh reality of the outside world, by enjoying the vintage environment, swing dancing and of course burlesque.

Out of all of the cities in Italy, Rome has the most interesting and varied burlesque scene, according to Casella and Micca Club is the premiere place in Rome to witness a show. Other places in Rome acquire their talent from outside sources but Micca club’s performers are “in house” grown due to the academy that is associated with the club.

The Academy of Burlesque nurtures raw talent across Rome and sees it to fruition within its own walls and eventually the stage. With an intensive audition process only two girls are selected for the scholarship, which will then entitle them to be part of the Micca family. Once they have graduated to performer level the dancers and other artists have the freedom to create their own performances, from the music selection to the choreography, with Casella only providing a guiding hand.

With the summer season approaching Micca Club will be shutting its doors as most places in the city do. This hiatus has given Casella a new goal for the future, to find a summer location so that Micca can continue providing entertainment to the Roman public. So if you want to witness an incredible show and partake in some unique entertainment, I highly recommend going to Via Pietro Micca, 7a, Rome before the summer heat forces Micca Club to close its doors.