Woman thrown off overpass into traffic by partner

  ROME – The body of Giada Zanola was found off the highway in the province of Padua. After further investigation, it was found that her partner allegedly pushed her off a 15 meter tall motorway bridge into oncoming traffic, according to Il Fatto Quotidiano

  The body of 34 year old Zanola was found at dawn on May 29th off the A4 Highway in Padua. It was thought that she voluntarily threw herself from a bridge onto the overpass but after further investigation it was revealed she was pushed by her partner Andrea Favaro. 

  Favaro was later arrested on the charge of voluntary homicide. The investigators attempted to reconstruct the event and believe that Favaro and Zanola got into an intense argument at home around 3:30 am. The argument would further escalate outside their home, which is very close to the bridge. Cars attempted to avoid her but she was hit and killed by a truck. An autopsy will later reveal if Zanola lost consciousness when she was beaten by her husband before being thrown off the bridge. 

  Her partner did not deny the accusations of the argument or their proximity to the overpass but refused that he pushed her. He stated that he, “did not remember,” and had a “gap” in his memory. He returned home alone and on Wednesday morning at 7:38 texted Zanola, “Did you go to work?? You didn’t even say goodbye to us!!”. He further pleads that he only learned of his partner’s death through a message in the neighborhood chat. The public prosecutor, Giorgio Falcone, who signed the arrest decree, believes Favoro is “staging” to try and appear innocent. She believes his version is not “credible.” Against Favaro’s story, there were cameras and testimonies collected after investigators found her body. 

  The couple also have a 3 year old child. A wedding was planned for September but Zanola reportedly decided to cancel it. After being taken to a prison in Padua, police noted bruises on Favaro’s body, linking to previous altercations between the couple. Favaro stated that he felt uncomfortable within the relationship and expressed worry for not seeing his son again. According to investigators, Favaro had been in physical altercations with Zanola before but she had not previously filed a report. 



Giada Zanola