Napoli wants to triple Kvaratskhelia’s salary

 NAPLES – Khvicha Kvaratskhelia, the 23-year-old Georgian sensation who has taken the football world by storm with his extraordinary performances, is expecting a pay rise from his Italian Football club,Il Mattino newspaper says. Napoli's star winger, affectionately known as "Kvara," or "kvaradona" is offered to triple his annual salary from 1.5 million euros to 4,5 million euros, reflecting his significant impact on the pitch, the Naples daily says.

 Negotiation over the increase appears to be at a deadlock, however. Officially, negotiations haven't even begun, yet Napoli's transfer market (and not only theirs) continues behind the scenes. At Napoli, they are waiting for the new coach, who will provide guidance on the right profiles for his tactical philosophy. However, the designated sporting director Giovanni Manna is already getting ahead with the work, both for incoming and outgoing transfers.

 The young and ambitious manager (36 years old, originally from Vallo della Lucania in Cilento) – formerly of Juventus – has had ongoing meetings with the players in the squad at Castel Volturno in recent days. He has conveyed the intentions of the ownership, the directives of De Laurentiis, and he has his own ideas for rebuilding Napoli for the future. The focus is on potentially young talents from both national and international football, as well as trying to retain some of the current champions in the squad.

 One name stands out above all: Khvicha Kvaratskhelia. The Georgian talent is at the center of a genuine transfer dilemma. He still has three years left on his contract with Napoli (until 2027) at a salary that's considered "minimum wage" for a top player (€1.5 million per year). PSG has eye on him, and Kvara's manager is rubbing his hands together in anticipation, but he is still keeping the door open for Napoli.

 De Laurentiis knows well that to secure one of his most precious diamonds (the other, Osimhen, will leave at the end of the season and is contested between PSG and especially the Premier League, with Chelsea in pole position), he will have to start by offering Kvara a significant contract adjustment: Napoli will offer Kvara €4.5 million including bonuses. However, this might not be enough, as it seems his agent is asking for six.

 Kvaratskhelia's influence extends beyond his financial value. He has become a symbol of hope and pride for Georgian football, inspiring a new generation of players from his homeland. His success story is an example for young talents in smaller footballing nations, illustrating that dedication and hard work can lead to success on the bigger stage.