Florence unveils new cash reward system for cyclists

 ROME -- From 3 June, motorists in Florence who choose to cycle instead of driving can receive a reward directly to their bank account, thanks to a new scheme launched by the municipality. 

  In a bid to reduce pollution, twenty euro-cents will be paid for each kilometre pedalled on habitual routes and five cents on generic stretches of road. However, this is only the case for motorists choosing to ditch their cars in favour of bicycles. Those who already cycle in the city will only be entitled to fifteen cents per kilometre and five cents on generic routes. For drivers this would be capped at a maximum of two euros per day and thirty euros a month; whilst those that fall in the latter category will only receive 1.20 euros a day. 

  For those wishing to participate in the scheme, a cyclist will need a smartphone with Bluetooth to connect to the Pin Bike app, a smartphone handlebar mount, and signal lights.

   Environmental councillor, Andrea Giorgio, explained how the project is “a success for the Florence Municipality, who have chosen this path to incentivise the use of two-wheelers. The Pin Bike app has been taken by storm. All the kits have been assigned and now around one hundred people are on the waiting list.”

  With 1,200,000 euros already invested in the project, which is part of the wider ‘Florence for Climate’ initiative, cyclists can also reap additional rewards from June. Dario Nardella, who is leading the initiative, has put forward prizes of up to one hundred euros for the two hundred citizens who have accumulated the most points on the Pin Bike app. Points can be gained through kilometres cycled, participation in events, and completing questionaries. All cyclists must be over 18 years of age and a resident of one of the Florentine municipalities to participate.