Ilaria Salis to be released from Hungarian prison after 15 months

Salis allegedly assaulted two neo-Nazis celebrating the "Day of Honour" last year

ROME — Ilaria Salis, the Italian left-wing activist who has spent 15 months in a Hungarian prison awaiting trial for allegedly assaulting two neo-Nazis, will be transferred to house arrest in Budapest.

 A Hungarian court granted Salis' lawyers' appeal on Thursday. Her legal team had contested a March 28 decision forbidding Salis from moving to house arrest in either Hungary or Italy.

 Gyorgy Magyar, one of Salis' lawyers, called the ruling a "success" in an interview with ANSA. Mauro Straini and Eugenio Losco, the Italian members of her legal team, told the news agency that they are "very satisfied" — but that "the battle continues." 

 Salis, a 39-year-old teacher from Monza, will be allowed to leave prison for her new digs, and will receive her electronic ankle monitor, once her family has posted her 40,000EUR bail. 

 Salis' father Roberto, a vocal advocate for his daughter's release, told ANSA that he is "thrilled finally to be able to hug her again, even if I do not feel entirely safe in Hungary." 

 But in an interview on the GEDI group's Monopoli, a live TV show and podcast, Salis criticised the Italian government for what he viewed as insufficient advocacy on Salis' behalf.

 "We pay the Minister of Justice and Foreign Affairs to work for us," he said, "and we have not seen any concrete action on their part." 

 Deputy Prime Minister and Foreign Affairs Minister Antonio Tajani attributed Salis' move to house arrest to "the collaborative efforts of the government and our embassy, who have worked intensively, in silence, without propaganda, without fanfare, as we have always done," ANSA reported.