Swedish tourist plunges to death on Tiber bank

Carabinieri said footage showed the man was "visibly drunk"

ROME -- A Swedish tourist died on impact after falling 15 M (50 feet) onto the bank of the Tiber early Wednesday morning, judicial sources said.

 Corriere della Sera identified the 29-year-old as Anders Jacob Karl Ekman. Carabinieri said that Elkman landed on the riverbank between Ponte Sisto and Ponte Garibaldi after tumbling off the embankment wall of Lungotevere Sanzio, a stretch of Trastevere's riverside boulevard. 

 Carabinieri who viewed surveillance camera footage of the scene said Elkman was "visibly drunk" as he "staggered" along the Lungotevere's wall.

 He was alone. Three nights into a solo trip to Rome, he was set to fly back to Sweden on Wednesday afternoon, local news sources reported.