Umberto Bossi's son faces trial for alleged abuse

  ROME--The trial of Riccardo Bossi, the son of the founder of the Lega political party, began on Thursday in Varese, according to police reports. 

  Bossi is facing accusations of abuse against his mother, Gigliola Guidali, with the allegations dating back to 2016. Guidali, Umberto Bossi’s first wife has accused her son of incessantly demanding money, which often resulted in aggressive outbursts and even the woman being assaulted. Guidali has also claimed that one of Bossi’s attacks resulted in her hitting her head on a wall, and on one occasion, fled the home due to the tense environment created by her son. 

  Bossi has, however, been acquitted of one of the cases after it was retracted by Guidali. 

  Thursday’s trial is not the first judicial affair that Bossi has been involved in, as he has previously been accused of stealing jewellery and other products. More recently, he was investigated by the Busto Arsizio Public Prosecutor’s office for taking citizenship income and defrauding the state between 2020 and 2023. 

Bossi has denied the claims made by his mother.