Trust in Meloni's government dips ahead of European elections

  ROME -- Recent polls from SWG have found a decreasing trust in the Italian government, though Prime Minister, Giorgia Meloni, and her party retains a but high position. 

  With one month remaining before the European elections, data suggests that Fratelli d’Italia remain on track to secure the largest number of seats, with their main competition coming from the left-wing political alliance between the Democratic Party, the Five Star Movement, and the Greens and Left Alliance. 

  Trust in Meloni’s government has dropped by one point from January, from 37 to 36, while their perceived effectiveness also decreased from 35 to 34. Initially, faith in Fratelli d’Italia ranked at 49 in October 2022, with their efficacy peaking at 43 in January 2023. 

  Despite being the only party in parliament to remain static in the polls, Fratelli d’Italia continues to uphold its lead at 26.6, the result of a steady decline over the past two years. The Democratic party, the leading left wing party, is following in second place, gaining 0.3 per cent in the last week to inch towards a figure of 21. The third major party, the Five Star Movement, is the last to maintain double-digit support, growing by half a point. Figures from the SWG show that Lega is holding a slight lead over Forza Italia at 8.8 (+0.2) versus 8.5 (+0.1). The proportion of undecided voters and those abstaining from voting stands at 37 per cent.

  Given recent data, Fratelli d’Italia would win 21 seats, the PD 16, M5s 13, Lega at 7, Forza Italia 6, United States of Europe, the Greens and Left, and Action would each obtain 4 seats.