Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli dies at age 83

 FLORENCE - Italian fashion designer Roberto Cavalli, known for his animal-print designs loved by showbusiness stars, has died at the age of 83.

 "The Roberto Cavalli company shares condolences with Mr. Cavalli's family, his legacy remains a constant source of inspiration," Sergio Azzolari, chief executive of Roberto Cavalli, said in a post on Instagram.

 The designer died on Friday at his home in Florence.

Cavalli,born in Florence the 15th of November 1940 , is characterized by his penchant for vibrant hues and innovative patchwork techniques evident in his daring designs, was a vivacious connoisseur of art, recognized for his distinctive style, often sporting tinted glasses and indulging in a cigar. Establishing his eponymous label in 1970, he catapulted to prominence with the introduction of a groundbreaking method for printing on leather, a feat showcased in his inaugural Paris collection, notably featuring a striking pink leather evening gown. This pioneering approach swiftly garnered attention, securing commissions from prestigious French fashion houses such as Hermès and Pierre Cardin.

 Subsequently, Cavalli directed his creative prowess towards denim, unveiling trailblazing innovations such as the first-ever sand-blasted jeans in his autumn/winter ’94 collection, followed by the introduction of stretch jeans in collaboration with Lycra the ensuing year. The form-fitting allure of these designs resonated deeply with consumers, prompting the launch of the dedicated line, initially christened Cavalli Jeans and later rebranded as Just Cavalli. Beyond the realm of fashion, he diversified into real estate ventures, while also establishing a vibrant social hub in the heart of Milan with the acclaimed "Just Cavalli Cafe," a nightlife hotspot.

 Giorgio Armani, in a poignant homage to his compatriot and fellow fashion virtuoso, hailed Cavalli as a "true artist." Reflecting on their contrasting sartorial visions, Armani underscored his profound admiration for Cavalli's boundless creativity, lauding his ability to weave enchanting narratives through his exuberant prints and alluring garments.


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