Travel : 48h in Prague.

PRAGUE - Only got 2 days in Prague? Maximize your 48 hours in this beautiful  city with this comprehensive itinerary.

Prague is a jewel of Central Europe where history dances with modernity in perfect harmony. With its picturesque cobblestone streets, Gothic spires piercing the skyline, and a river that meanders through its heart, Prague is a pedestrian-friendly city; offering the optimal means to explore its hidden treasures and fully appreciate the city's authentic charm. Many of its prominent attractions are conveniently situated within comfortable walking distance of each other. It's rare to find another global capital where so much is packed into such a compact area. However, Prague's public transportation system is also commendably reliable, clean, and affordable, encompassing trams, buses, and the underground metro system.

For this two-day itinerary to Prague, I've curated a balanced blend of popular landmarks and lesser-known corners.

Day one of this '2 days in Prague' program will encompass the main sights in the Baroque streetscape of the Lesser Town (Mala Strana) and the imposing Prague Castle.

Kickstarting your 2 days in Prague, begin with a visit to Charles Bridge (Karlův most), undoubtedly Prague’s most iconic landmark. For over 600 years, this magnificent bridge has borne witness to processions, battles, and executions since its construction between 1357 and 1402. The bridge's most prominent feature is the array of 30 statues depicting saints and religious scenes, originally intended to lure the steadfastly Protestant Czechs back to the Catholic Church. However, all the statues you see today are replicas, with the originals preserved in museums across the city.

Prague’s picturesque Lesser Town (Mala Strana) arguably stands as its most enchanting district. Established in the 13th century, the area abounds with poignant sights that serve as reminders of its rich history. It now boasts grand palaces, mansions, and red-roofed townhouses adorned with Renaissance and Baroque flourishes, constructed during the Habsburg reign, many of which now serve as government buildings and embassies.

I'm captivated by how the silhouettes of the statues linger like specters against the backdrop of the sunrise skyline. For a traditional snack, indulge in chimney cake: a spiral-shaped dough cake typically filled with whipped cream or ice cream.

Prague is also renowned for its artistic wealth: a gaze into the distance reveals 10 eerie mutants scaling the brutalist eyesore. This artwork was conceived by Cerny, internationally notorious for crafting pieces that are darkly humorous, attention-grabbing, and profoundly thought-provoking.

Make a brief detour to visit the Lennon Wall. This wall serves as the site where Prague’s youth established an impromptu graffiti shrine to the late Beatle after his tragic demise in 1980.

When spending two days in Prague, a visit to the captivating St. Nicholas Church is imperative. Its colossal green dome commands the skyline of the Lesser Town beneath Prague Castle. This church stands as the purest and most exquisite exemplar of high Baroque architecture in Prague. For a satisfying yet remarkably affordable lunch, head to Obecni Dum Restaurant, where you can relish elegant and flavorful meals in a magnificent setting.

A trip to the Strahov Monastery ranks among the finest experiences Prague offers and is guaranteed to leave you awestruck. The oldest section of this impressive complex is housed within the Theological Hall, constructed between 1671 and 1679. Its intricately adorned ceiling frescoes vividly depict the duties of the librarian. Truly remarkable!

Prague Castle (Pražský hrad) sits atop Castle Hill in the Castle District, reigning over Prague's skyline like no other edifice. A visit here indisputably ranks among the top things to do in Prague.

No excursion to Prague would be complete without marveling at St. Vitus Cathedral. This awe-inspiring cathedral stands as the largest and most significant religious structure in Prague. I was particularly enamored by the Art Nouveau chapel by Alfons Mucha, depicting the blessing of Sts. Cyril and Methodius (9th-century missionaries to the Slavs). To cap off this first day, dine at the renowned Café Impérial before heading to the illustrious Renata Jazz Club, frequented by celebrities such as Bill Clinton and Tom Cruise.

The 16th-century Baroque-style Lobkowicz Palace (Lobkowický palác) stands as the lone privately owned edifice within the Prague Castle complex and serves as the perfect launchpad for our second day. Here, you'll find original scores of works and manuscripts by Beethoven, Haydn, and Mozart, as well as the opportunity to reserve a spot for an instrumental concert held every Saturday at 1 pm.

No 2-day stay in Prague should overlook the Old Town Square. This square plays host to several major Prague attractions, including the world-renowned Astronomical Clock. It also hosts traditional outdoor markets during Easter and Christmas.

For your second lunch, I highly recommend Spravovna restaurant, despite its distance from the historical center, for its exceptional pierogis.

Lastly, don't miss the chance to visit the National Theater (Národní Divadlo), one of the city’s architectural gems, and attend a show if possible. This opulent Neo-Renaissance structure overlooks the Vltava River and ranks among Prague’s most iconic landmarks. It's conveniently located near the National Museum, which boasts equally stunning architecture.

Astronomical clock, Prague
The Concert Room in Lobkowicz Palace