Higher police presence in Italy for Easter

Carabinieri in Rome

 ROME – Security around Rome and throughout Italy has been heightened for the Easter weekend following terrorist attacks in Moscow, after a Committee for Order and Security meeting chaired by Minister of the Interior, Matteo Piantedosi, police said.

 As hundreds of thousands descend on the Italian capital city for Easter, a higher police presence is expected at places of worship, shopping centres and diplomatic buildings, as well as crowded places. There will also be a police presence at Easter services. 

 Airports, train stations and main bus stations are also on the list to receive strengthened security measures. The border with Slovenia has been reinforced to check car arrivals from the Balkans. Websites are also being monitored to review online activity of potential suspects.

 Undersecretary of the President of the Council, Nicola Mantovano, said the most concrete risk to security presently is lone wolves acting out instead of attacks from structured groups.

 Although there is no specific alarm for terrorist attack in Italy, however the worry seems to come from the risk of individuals being radicalised, especially following events in Moscow.