New wave of 1400 migrants land on Italian isle

ROME -- Lampedusa, the small Italian island off the coast of Sicily, saw yet another new wave of migrants arriving on the Italian tourist destination. Over the last 26 hours, 1400 people landed within a 26-hour period. Six boats, with from 35 to 136 people on board, were rescued by patrol boats of the Financial Police, Capitaneria,, and Sweeden's Frontex Structure.  

Later in the day, 50 more boats arrived, leaving from Sfax in Tunisia; 136 who embarked on Monday evening from Sabartha in Libya, another 61 Bangladeshi, Egyptians, Pakistanis and Syrians and 51 Egyptians and Syrians who left from Zuwarah, LibyaAnother 49 Senegalese, Gambians, Guineans and Ivorians were instead taken to Madonnina pier by the NGO Nadir. Lampedusa has been at the center of international attention in recent months due to a big rise in the number of migrant boats landing there. Approximately 11,000 people reached the island in boats over four days. Lampedusa itself has a residential population of only 6,000. 


The main immigration processing center on the island is above full capacity, designed to house just 400.  



On 6 November 2023, Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni in conjunction with Prime Minister of Albania Edi Rama signed the Agreement for Strengthening of Collaboration in the Field of Migration, designed to move migrants picked up off the Italian coast to Albania, potentially hosting up to 3000 people 


European institutions and UNHCR were not involved in the negotiations and were informed shortly before the public announcement. 

The Interior ministry said Tuesday that 147.239 people have arrived in Italy so far this year on migrants, up from 92,881 in the same period last year.  



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