Letter to the editor: Building partnerships within FAO

 Dear Editorial Board, I am writing regarding the article on the forming consultant union. On behalf of the interim Board and the collectivity working towards the establishment of an open, transparent and collaborative dialogue with all parties, I would like to raise some concerns.

 As per standard practice of the Italian Insider, all your sources are anonymous. We understand this serves the noble and primary function of shielding individuals and it is in everybody's best interest. However, in this specific instance, we would have appreciated some fact-checking and a potential approach. We are not working in secrecy, and we aim to establish constructive partnerships with FAO and all stakeholders. The views expressed in your article do not reflect the principles, guidelines and values of our forming community.

 We also disagree with your views on the Organization's practices and we would like to rectify that those are yours, not ours. You are free to speculate and discuss the FAO's practices and policies as you see fit. However, we kindly invite you to differentiate clearly your views from the Association's.

 We remain at your disposal for further clarifications, if needed, and we look forward to an open, transparent and constructive collaboration for the future.

 Our goal in establishing this association is to foster greater collaboration and open dialogue between consultants and FAO leadership, including the Director General. We aim to serve as a constructive voice for our members and support the important work of the organization.

 I ask that you consider publishing a clarification or retraction of claims made in the article that do not align with our objective of building partnerships within FAO, rather than opposition. As an interim representative, it is important that our intentions are clearly understood.

 Best Regards,
 Claudio Cagliostro
 Interim member
 (forming) Consultants Association, @ FAO