California Language Academy increasingly attracts Italian students

  Los Angeles -- The United States has witnessed a growing increase in international student enrollment over the past years in English language learning services.  The country is still a popular study destination for other nationalities to learn English.

Italian students are one of the highest number among these nationalities who prefer English language courses in the USA. The language academy never attempted to change its policy related to fees for all courses the despite the challenging reflections of the global economic crisis.

 Today, CLA has three different schools in the most important cities of California: Los Angeles, San Diego, and a new campus in San Francisco. Also, it is to launch its new school in Washington state soon.

 California Language Academy was founded by Mrs. Alissa Olgun in 2010 who is an American teacher and currently CLA's COO. According to Mr. Hasan Altuntas, Owner and President of CLA, the school has established high-quality, family-owned and operated language schools that offer small class sizes to meet the individual needs of each student’s learning goals and objectives.

 Altuntas, the owner and President of the California Language Academy, explained their history and the main reasons for being a popular language school among international students and especially for Italian students.

 "Every year we welcome a good number of students from Europe and Italy, and we love how passionate they are about life in California and at our school. They love the sunny weather, and the outdoor lifestyle and are very, very good students, always paying attention to the classes and highly committed to their programs in CLA," said Altuntas.

 According to the President of the CLA, the school is a favourite language learning destination for many countries from all around the world but especially for Italian students. This is because of the fact that California is a melting pot of different cultures and it makes Italian students feel like at home.

 "To improve their English skills, the United States with its different cities, landscapes, and cultural life is a reason for Italian students to enjoy what the country can offer for language learning," highlighted Altuntas.

 The school has also some special promotions for Italian students.  "Currently we have many different offers for all Europeans including our beloved Italian students. For Los Angeles and San Diego, the discounts available are up to 30 percent on tuition fees. For San Francisco, since the school just opened, we are offering a special price of $125 per week for the first students enrolled. On top of this, we also have budget packages and special discounts for our Junior and Family options," explained the owner and president of the school.