Sangemini Classic music festival celebrates its 23rd edition

Musicians preparing for the Sangemini Classic festival

 ROME - - The Sangemini Classic music festival, which will take place in Umbria from July 23 to August 12, is enjoying its 23rd edition. 

 The small True Art Festival has an innovative new theme this year: "BEYOND" the limit. 

 Peace is this year's leitmotif: "The theme was suggested after an accident, after which I could have become disabled," says Vania Liurni, creator of the Festival, "And this combination of real life and music immediately seemed relevant to me. Our festival is appreciated by national and international musicians, and many artists are in Umbria for the first time to present their works."

 This year’s festival is organised thanks to contributions and sponsorships from the Fondazione Cassa di Risparmio di Terni e Narni, the Region of Umbria, the Municipality of Terni, the Municipality of San Gemini and the Chamber of Commerce of Umbria. 

 Topics such as disability and autism linked to spirituality, the Divine and overcoming the limit of the human body and mind will converge at the festival.  

 The festival starts in Piazza Duomo with the "la Nota in più" Symphony Orchestra of Bergamo and music therapy. The impressive orchestra of autistic children with its teachers has more than 90 concerts to its name in prestigious venues and with well-established artists.

 July 31 will see Switzerland’s Silke Pan, a disabled acrobat. "During her childhood she fell and lost the use of her legs," Liurni explains. 

 This will be followed by Verona Arena dancers Luca Condello and Elisa Cipriani, along with Virna Liurni's expressive and sensory piano, Linu's and the Street Circus.

 August 6 sees Neapolitan song take centre stage, with tenor Rosario Totaro. The musical history of Naples will be sung, with readings from the book "Porte Chiuse, Letter to Parents" by writer Giovanna Tatò, a RAI journalist. There will also be a performance of Ave Maria.

 On August 12, the festival will close with From Meditation to Jubilation. Performing is the FVG Fondazione Santa Cecilia trumpet ensemble, conducted by Giovanni Vello.

 Luciano Clementella, mayor of San Gemini, confirms how the festival is in symbiosis with the local area, included among the Most Beautiful Villages in Italy: "Twenty-three editions is not nothing. The festival grows year on year and this year the creator has managed to reconcile various aspects related to music such as disability.

 For Federica Montagnoli - city councillor for culture - "going beyond one's limits is also an extended message. The festival shows how to prioritise inclusion and it is unique even compared to the programmes of other municipalities. It is the highlight of Sangemini's summer events."