Vatican court sentences Last Generation activists to 9 months jail for Laocoon protest

Ester Goffi on the left and Guido Viero on the right glued to the statue.

  VATICAN CITY -- The two Last Generation activists who last August glued themselves to the statue of Laocoon inside the Vatican museum, have been sentenced to nine months with a suspended sentence and have to pay at least 28,000 euros in damages in addition to a 1500 fine for aggravated damage and 120 euros for a transgression "of an order legally given by the competent authority.” 

 The sentence was issued by the Vatican Tribunal against Ester Goffi, 26, and Guido Viero, 61 who glued themselves to the Loacoon statue inside the Vatican Museums in protest against climate change. 

 The third activist, Laura Zorzini, who filmed the ordeal but did not partake in the gluing has to only pay the 120 euro fine, which is significantly less than Ester and Guido who will be paying at least 28,148 euros in damages. 

 The 9-month sentence is still significantly less than what the promoter of justice had initially asked for which would’ve been  2 years and 5 days for Guido Viero, 2 years for Ester Goffi, and one month of prison time for Laura Zorzini.