At table with the greats of Sicilian literature: Il Moro di Monza restaurant presents its new menu that narrates Sicilian poetry

Salvatore, Antonella and Vincenzo

 ROME - Restaurant Il Moro di Moro announces the launch of its new menu “Viaggio D'Autore in Sicilia,” a gastro-literary journey designed by the Butticè Brothers.

 The menu has been created to celebrate the fruits, in every respect, of the Sicilian lands, as well as the arrival of summer, and features a wide selection of dishes incorporating fresh, seasonal ingredients, accompanying each one with a literary quotation: from Verga's "I malavoglia" to Luigi Pirandello's "I Galletti del Bottaio", via Giuseppe Tomasi's "La Sirena" and Camilleri's "Il ladro di merendine.”

 Sicily is a land known for its beauty, its history, its sea, but it is also the home of some of the greats of Italian literature. It is precisely to them and their works that the Butticé brothers, who have been at the helm of Ristorante il Moro for years, dedicate their new menu "Viaggio d'autore in Sicilia" (Author's Journey in Sicily), that unravels starting from a critical analysis of some of the most famous texts by Sicilian writers from different eras, allowing us to be transported into a multiverse of Sicilian culture and flavours.

 From Verga with his Malavoglia, through Luigi Pirandello with his novellas and Tomasi di Lampedusa, to the more contemporary Camilleri and Montalbano. The courses tell their stories through food, which for the Butticé brothers has always been “transversal matter.”

 “The art of cooking, as well as food, is transversal and universal, no person ignores the world of cooking, because it overcomes all social stratification … and as food instead undergoes significant conditioning by social, economic, political, religious and cultural status,” declare Salvatore and Vincenzo Butticé.

 Among the specialities on the new menu, guests will be able to enjoy “La sicilitudine nel gambero di Sicilia,” a dish of Sicilian red prawns and caponata, which will be paired with a pure chardonnay Sicilian vintage wine (Almerita Brut Tasca D'Almerita) selected by sommelier Antonella Butticè.

 In the menu, for each dish, features the excerpt of the work that inspired its creation and that sums up its ultimate essence. For example:

 The Siren G. Tomasi di Lampedusa

 Dedication to sea urchins

 "[...] they are the most beautiful thing you have down there, those sanguine cartilages, those simulacra of female organs, scented with salt and seaweed. What cheer and typhus! They will be as dangerous as all the gifts of the sea that give death along with immortality. In Syracuse, I perpetually requested them from Paolo Orsi. How tasty, how divine! The most beautiful memory of my last fifty years!.."

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