The future of online gaming can be read in algorithms

 If once upon a time people looked at the stars, the flight of birds or other messages from the mono of nature to guess the future, today all they need to do is study and read numbers. They know this well at Player Lab, a laboratory created by two bigwigs on the web scene. The first is Mister B, a company specialising in tipsters. The second is Wall Street Football, a group that runs WSF Odds and the media community Calling itself Bomber. A trading centre where data and statistics are studied and analysed to churn out bets with a high winning percentage. The secret is predictive algorithms but also the Artificial Intelligence of Mercurius BI.

 "The entry of AI into the world of gambling is certainly not breaking news,' explained the specialists of SlotMachineAAMS. 'Here, in fact, Big Data, algorithms and machine learning are used in various aspects, declining their potential in various directions. The first is that of user safety, data protection, and customer assistance: "Behind the 24-hour live chatbots that are always available to the user, there is in fact Artificial Intelligence," continue experts, "a tool that allows us to get closer and closer to the players, making them feel accompanied during the gaming session.

 After all, AI and Big Data are the future of the economy, just as statistics are the future of the betting sector, one of the most profitable in the entire universe of public and legal gaming. Here, the predictive and comparative odds model relies precisely on algorithms, confirming the centrality of mathematics in the gambling sector. "Even in casinos and online games, algorithms are incredibly important," conclude the editors of SlotMachineAAMS. "It is they, in fact, who govern and manage the RGN, the Random Generator Number, the algorithm that allows us to generate combinations of symbols that are always new and always different.

 This is how Artificial Intelligence and mathematics promise to change the world of gambling. And this time it is the sports betting industry that will be revolutionised, with users and fans ready to draw new blood from all things statistics, data, numbers and information.