Some 18 suspects probed in Amalfi coast tourist bus driver death plunge

 ROME - Nicola Fusco, a 28 year-old man, tragically died after crashing the tourist bus he was driving in via Valle del Dragone in Agerola. As Il Vescovado reports, 18 people have been entered in the register of suspects, including managers, officials and technicians who were in charge of managing the road section, but also the company that owned the bus.

 Alleged charges include conspiracy to cause manslaughter, and cooperation in manslaughter, while for the company an administrative offence is alleged concerning the alleged violation of occupational health and safety regulations. Nicola's mother and two other sisters are listed as injured parties.

 On Monday, an autopsy is scheduled on Nicola's body and on Tuesday the SR 373 road in Ravello will be closed for about 10 hours to allow the removal operations of the bus driven by Nicola. After the removal, the bus will remain at the disposal of the judicial authorities for the necessary investigations into the causes of the accident.

 In the days following Nicola’s death, more than 300 lined the streets for the torchlight procession in his memory. Many peers united for Nicola and among them friends and close acquaintances.

 Amongst them were also Nicola's family members and the local pastor, Do Giuseppe Milo, who in recent days has called for silence and prayer. "In these days, I beg you, let us only have silence, silence, silence," the parish priest said. “We are living in mourning, even if it is not proclaimed, it imposes itself on all of us because of the tragic event. Let us respect it please.”

 Preceded by two banners, the procession marched through the streets of the mountain village halfway between the provinces of Salerno and Naples. Many people also from the nearby Amalfi Coast, of which Agerola is an integral part, took part in the moment of prayer for Nicola Fusco, son of the owner of a well-known transport company involved in mobility not only in the tourist sector.