Triumphant Inter defeats A.C Milan to make it to the Champions League final

 ROME – After defeating A.C. Milan 1-0 in the second leg of the Champions League Semi-Finals in a derby which gripped Italy, Inter have made it to the Champions League final.

 The final, which will take place in Istanbul, will be the first time in six years that an Italian team have made it to the final round.

 Inter won both legs of the semi-final – the return leg was slightly more tense as Milan maintained a solid defence for 70 minutes until Lautaro's goal, which broke the balance.

 As for Milan, there was hope for a comeback in the second leg  - the Rossoneri needed three goals to go through but they didn't score a single one in 180 minutes.

 The Nerazzurri jubilation was felt in every street of Inter’s half of Milan, late into Tuesday night.

 Inter’s opponents in the final of the Champions League is yet to be determined, either Real Madrid or Manchester City, depending on the outcome of their semi-final.

 The finals will be played Atatürk Olympic Stadium in Istanbul, Turkey, on June 10, 2023.