Sicilian shot and killed by landlord over rent arrears

 PALERMO – Aleandro Guadagna, 31, was shot and killed on Wednesday morning by his landlord, Giuseppe La Corte, in a financially motivated attack.  

 According to initial reconstructions, La Corte, 77, was waiting for Guadagna to leave his house when he fired multiple shots before immediately fleeing the scene. 

 An ambulance arrived within a few minutes, but paramedics pronounced Guadagna dead at the scene. 

 Prior to the incident, witnesses reported quarrels between Guadagna and La Corte over unpaid rent.

 La Corte’s sons recounted that their father had gone to Guadagna’s house to collect the outstanding rent and had sent one of them a text message saying he wanted to settle “the financial matter.”

 According to the police reconstruction, after the tenant reiterated that he did not want to settle his debt, a violent argument broke out between the two, culminating in bloodshed.

 La Corte was stopped by police whilst he was in a local shopping centre and a gun was found in his car. He surrendered to authorities without resistance. 

 Guadagna, who leaves behind his wife and two children, was already known to police and had recently been released from prison after serving a four-year sentence for gang robbery.