Italian Poet Francesco Terrone publishes new verse collection ‘The Cry of Innocence’

 ROME - Francesco Terrone, 60, author of hundreds of poems, showcased his latest collection of poems published in a three language edition about the innocence of children at a press conference on Thursday. 

 Terrone, entrepreneur turned prolific poet, hails from the Salernitano town of Mercato San Severino and is the President of MESPI (Economic-Social Popular Inter-European Movement). He also founded the Francesco Terrone Foundation, which promotes cultural and literary creativity, economic development and global interaction. 

 His latest collection “L’urlo della innocenza” (The cry of innocence), explores themes of childhood, innocence and suffering in the modern age, and has been published in Italian, English and Swedish. The collection is increasingly relevant in light of the current suffering of children in worldwide crises such as the migrant crisis and the Russian invasion of Ukraine. 

 Carmine Pecoraro, a Salerno native, has described the collection saying that “Children are seen in their most sacred light and the poet’s cry rises up against everything that tends to obscure their perfect innocence.”

 At Thursday’s press conference Talal Khrais, Lebanese National News Agency correspondent, stated that “this collection is not just an Italian poetry collection, but a universal one… this marks the beginning of a collaboration between populations.”

 Roberto Roggero, journalist and war correspondent, commented on Terrone’s remarkable talent for poetry and synthesis with “It’s not easy to write like he does, he has the ability to capture the essences of childhood with clarity and conciseness.”

 Speaking about the poetry and its merits, there were several personal testimonies including that of a former professor of political science from La Sapienza University, Gianfranco Lizza, who said, “this book gives children their voice, and makes you reflect on the importance and responsibility of adults towards children.”

 Longtime friend of the poet and The Italian Insider chief editor, John Phillips, highlighted Terrone’s journalistic contributions to the newspaper and the plight of children worldwide. Terrone has previously written about the position and value of the mezzogiorno in Italy, the injustices of regional inequality and has campaigned heavily for the reduction of workplace prejudice towards his surname, which was translated as “peasant” by an Italian dictionary. 

 Taking a more in-depth look at the contents of the collection, Terrone explores the themes of duty and protection towards children for example, in the poem “Don’t touch the children,” highlighting the power that lies in their innocence and their sacredness.  

 Terrone, in view of the presentation of his latest book, received a message of good wishes from the mayor of Mercato San Severino, Antonio Somma, and his deputy and councillor for culture, Enza Cavaliere. "We welcomed," say Somma and Cavaliere, "with great pleasure and joy the news of the presentation in the prestigious Foreign Press Room in Rome of the latest book “L'urlo dell'innocenza” by our illustrious fellow citizen, the engineer poet Francesco Terrone. This is further recognition for the work of the poet who, as an artist and professional, has held the name of our municipality high for years, also thanks to the numerous prizes he has won in Italy and abroad.”