Academy Award nominated actor, Matt Dillon, enchanted by ‘Stars of San Lorenzo’ exhibition in Rome

American actor, Matt Dillon

 ROME – American Academy and Grammy Award nominated actor, Matt Dillon, was enchanted by the new “Stars of San Lorenzo” exhibition at its opening on March 31, reported gallery officials. 

 On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of the Galleria Gilda Lavia, in which the exhibition is housed, the “Stars of San Lorenzo” pays tribute to the Roman San Lorenzo district and its lively artistic history. 

 Unexpectedly, a large crowd was present at the opening including members of the press, art critics and admirers. 

 Dillon, seen with a big smile on his face at the gallery, is often in Rome and on this occasion the purpose of his visit was to honour the artwork of his friend Maura Di Silvestre which was on display as part of the new exhibition.