Confidence in Meloni's government drops for the first time since the last elections

Rome – The popularity of the government, its prime minister Georgia Meloni and the relative majority party have dropped for the first time since the victory in the last general election according to the latest survey by Ixè. 

 The statistics recorded by the institute led by Roberto Weber, also show a drop in confidence in the Five Star Movement and an unchanged confidence for Lega and Forza Italia. At the same time, the Democratic Party sees a slight rise in popularity.

 The survey measured a 4 percent drop in confidence in Fratelli D’Italia from 50 percent to 46 percent, which is ten points less than Mario Draghi's government which was 60 percent. 

 Following prime minister Meloni is Giuseppe Conte with 35 percent, followed by both Stefano Bonaccini and Elly Schlein, the main rivals in the Democratic Party primaries, at 34 percent, which is a 12-point increase for Schlein. On the other hand, the governor of Emilia Romagna has increased his popularity index by 4 points. Detached from both Matteo Salvini who decreased to 25, Silvio Berlusconi who is stable at 24 percent, and Carlo Calenda who went up to 23 percent, ranking lowest is Matteo Renzi at 13 percent. 

 The Ixè survey also measured voting intentions which do not bode well for Meloni and her government either, seeing a 2.8-point drop to 28.5 percent since the last general elections. Though Meloni is still leading, the Democratic Party is climbing up the voting intention ranks having gained 3 points since February, a growth which is evidently due to Schlein’s victory in the primaries.   

 Meanwhile, Conte's 5-star movement has lost a point, stopping at 16.2. While Lega gains almost half a point, resting at 8%, similarly Forza Italia loses almost half a point dropping to 6.2%. Four decimals push Sinistra Italiana and Verdi to 4.6, while + Europa and Per l'Italia con Paragone are at two percent. Below the one percentage point is only Noi Moderati.