World Tiramisù Day approaches


 ROME –  The international day dedicated to the world's best-loved spoon dessert is celebrated on Tuesday 21 March with a new version of the dessert being proposed by the Tiramisù World Cup: the Stregamisù for the first time with the addition of alcohol.

 This new version of the dessert is being proposed in anticipation of the announcement in October of the new Tiramisù World Champion. The Stregamisù, based on the famous Strega liqueur, was conjured up by Marina Summa, the winner of the Tiramisù World Cup 2022 Creative Recipe, as well as the youngest tiramisu champion.

 Dania Sartorato, the President of FIPE Confcommercio for Treviso, sees it as an occasion to remember how the dessert continues to be among the most appreciated and sought-after: “We can state that, to date, the consumption of tiramisu outside the home can valued at 4,201,100 euros."

 "This new recipe unites the North and South of Italy” - explains the creator of the Tiramisù World Cup, Francesco Redi - made by our champion Marina Summa with liqueur from the historic distillery of Benevento. “I chose to add liqueur in the cream and not in the coffee syrup,' Marina Summa explains, “I also decided to put in fewer eggs and more sugar to balance out the bitterness of the liqueur.”

 The Stregamisù can be tasted in Treviso for the entire week of Tiramisù Day starting on Monday 20 March. Stefano Dassie's gelato shop, Tre Coni Gambero Rosso, in Via Sant'Agostino, will offer a limited edition of the dessert in gelato version.

Recipe by Marina Summa, World Champion of Creative Tiramisù 2022

500g of mascarpone
60g of egg yolk
140g of vanilla icing sugar
35g of Strega liqueur
Savoiardi biscuits
Coffee to taste
Cocoa powder to taste


  1. To make the Stregamisù, start by preparing the coffee in a moka pot. Once ready let it cool.
  2. Separate the eggs by separating the egg whites from the yolks.
  3. Beat the yolks with the vanilla icing sugar and then add the mascarpone.
  4. Once the cream reaches the desired creaminess, add 35 g Strega liqueur, mix well with a spatula. The mascarpone cream is now ready.
  5. Take the container you like best and start composing the tiramisu. Spread a first layer of ladyfingers soaked in coffee and add a layer of mascarpone cream on top.
  6. Continue until you reach the top of the container, and sprinkle with cocao powder to finish.