Outrage as violence continues after Naples’ Champions League victory against Eintracht

 NAPLES -  After the clash between Eintracht fans and Neapolitan police, more violence followed into Thursday after Naples’ historic qualification for the Champions League quarter-finals, according to city officials.

 In the course of the night, Neapolitan police arrested eight fans – five of whom were Neapolitans who were arrested after scuffles on the city’s seafront following the Naples' 3-0 victory.

 The three others arrests were German fans who were detained after being identified during the clashes that took place in the afternoon in Piazza del Gesù. According to information from the police commissioner Alessandro Giuliano, six police officers were injured or bruised during the clashes.

 Matteo Salvini, Italy's deputy premier and leader of the Lega party, wrote on Twitter: "These are not fans, they are criminals. Who knows if in they would raise hell in the same way in Germany."

 The Twitter account of Salvini's Lega called on the German government to pay for the damage caused, estimated at "€2-3 million" by Francesco Borrelli of the Green Europe party.

 In the meantime, the German fans left their hotel and were taken by bus to Salerno, Rome and Capodichino to eventually reach their respective destinations in Germany. The vehicles were escorted by a large deployment of police forces.

 Neapolitan police identified 470 German fans and 120 of those were taken, in the early hours of the night, to a police station in Frosinone. The other 350 fans are still at Salerno police station.

 In the city centre, signs of the clashes remain, with shards of glass, stones, and broken tables causing heavy damage to shopkeepers in the area.