Sex and the City, PS I Love you in top mobster's film collection

 ROME- As authorities continue to search every corner of Mafia kingpin Matteo Messina Denaro’s hideout in Sicily, police have uncovered in addition to guns and viagra an extensive film and book collection including DVDs of Sex and The City and PS I love you as well as as mob thriller movie Cose Nostre among the entertainment the serial murderer evidently enjoyed as investigators hunted for him for decades. 

 The collection consists of over 200 films, including the most famous works of Quentin Tarantino from Pulp Fiction to Inglorious Bastards and Frank Lucas’s work. Although, the collection consists largely of classics including American ones such as Gladiator and Italian classics such as ‘Il marchese del Grillo. The collection seems to consist of movies spanning accross every genre. Surprisingly the super fugitive also enjoyed important films about anarchists such as ‘The History of Fascism’ by Rai Trade’s.

 The film collection actually proved itself to be helpful in the investigation as many of the DVDs are very old and would today be very difficult to find unless one went to a specialty shop, most of which have disappeared over the years. This leaves investigators wondering about how long the Mafia boss had been staying in Campobello di Mazara, or whether he had been on the run with the film collection.

 It also indicates a number of other things that the investigations of the chief prosecutor of Palermo, Maurizio De Lucia, and the deputy Paolo Guido will try to uncover. For example: have those DVDs always remained in the apartments in Campobello inhabited by Messina Denaro in the last two years? If this were the case, it is possible that the boss had lived in the municipality in the province of Trapani for a long time. But what was in the film library of the boss of the massacres?

 One title that specifically stood out among the 212 films was the film S'era tutti subversivi, a movie about the anarchist activist Franco Serrantini, who died in 1972 in the Don Bosco prison in Pisa after being abused by the police and left to die for two days.

 The irony was not lost on the investigators either that the Mafia boss enjoyed watching films such as Cose Nostre, which describes the life of a fugitive mafia repentant who lives undercover with his family and finds it difficult to abandon mafia behavior.

 Other titles did come as a surprise such as Frida Kahlo’s biopic, Ps I Love You which narrates the pain of the loss of the protagonist's husband: before he died he sent her a series of messages that will continue to accompany her in the months after the death, and even Sex and The City. The release dates of the film lead the investigators to believe that Denaro must have started collecting at the beginning of his thirty-year hideout until now.