Vatican magistrates probe Emanuela Orlandi disappearance, 40 years on

Pietro Orlandi wearing the poster used when Emanuela went missing.

 VATICAN CITY –- The Vatican judiciary has decided to open the case of Emanuela Orlandi 40 years later, judicial sources say. Orlandi, at the time a 15-year-old girl from the Vatican, left her house at 4 p.m. on June 6, 1983, to go and attend her music classes in Piazza Sant’Apollinare, where she never arrived – the very same place where years later the cadaver of ‘Renatino’ Enrico De Pedis would be discovered, the head of the ‘Banda della Magliana’ criminal organization. 

 The Vatican Promoter of Justice, Alessandro Diddi, said ‘All leads will be re-examined’ as together with the Vatican gendarmerie of the tiny state, he decided to reopen the case that Italian judicial investigations had failed to solve, possibly because of Vatican pressure.

 A difficult investigation and judiciary process is ahead - the goal is to find out what happened once and for all this time. Officials will go through the same files, documents, and reports from 1983, and, where it’s still possible, question the people that might provide useful information. 

 Pietro, the brother of the missing girl, claims that he was sent Whatsapp messages back in 2014 from people close to the Pope about some file holder called ‘Rapporto Emanuela Orlandi’ (Emanuela related documents) that he never knew existed. It is also claimed that these Emanuela related documents had been spotted multiple times in the offices of the Apostolic Palace by Paolo Gabriele, the ex Pope’s Butler who, unfortunately for investigators, died in 2020.

 Both old and new leads with be taken into account, this time paying more attention to small details and facts that have never been considered important enough to be analyzed.

 Many hope that the new investigation will also shed some light onto another case that people believe to be related with the Orlandi one. On the same year, 46 days prior to the vanishing of Emanuela, another girl mysteriously went missing, her name is Mirella Gregori and to this day nobody seems to know much about what happened to either one of the two.

 The main people demanding the case be reopened over the years were the Orlandi family and their lawyer Laura Sgrò, they have even sent a letter demanding for some action regarding the case to Pope Francis back in 2019.

  The Orlandi family also stated they are not happy with the fact they were not informed in advance about the reopening of the case, their family lawyer said ‘Although the reopening of the case is getting lots of media attention, we are still waiting to be informed, either formally or informally, by the Vatican’.


Emanuela Orlandi missing poster.