Police probe triple murder at condominum meeting

Police remove bodies from the condominium meeting

 ROME - Police Monday were investigating the bizarre murder of three middle aged women including a friend of Italian Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni, who were shot and killed by a neighbour screaming "I will kill you all" who pulled out a gun at a condominum meeting in the Eternal City, police said.

 Claudio Campiti was arrested Sunday after he was overpowered and disarmed by survivors after his Glock semi-automatic pistol jammed at the meeting of the apartment block tenants and owners in the terrace of a bar at Fidene, north-east of Rome, officers said.
 Campiti, 57. previously had in a blog threatened his nbeighbours by name denounced the condominum as being in his opinion a criminal association preventing him from receiving light and gas.
 Heated disputes in condominium meetings in which neighbours vent their hatred for each other are common in Italy though it is rare for them to climax with such extreme violence. Fatal shootings have been on the rise in Rome recently though mostly relating to criminals settling accounts with each other.  
 Campiti was carrying a total of 170 bullets and during the shooting he had on him a backpack full of clothes, a passport and 6,000 euros in cash evidently ready to make a getaway after liquidating everyone at the meeting.
Campiti acquired the gun from a shooting range at Tor di Quinto, Rome, were he deposited his ID card and left to reach the rue Monte Gilberto where the shooting took place. The shooting range was susbequently closed by police.
 In the past Campiti had requested a firearms licence that was denied due to the records of previous arguments with his neighbours, the police said.
 Meloni commented that “Nicoletta (Golisano) was a friend of mine, it’s not fair to die this way … The man who killed these three innocent women was stopped and I hope that justice will be done as soon as possible." Meloni did not explain how she knew Golisano but posted a selfie of herself with the dead woman.