Journalist Alessandro Giuli elected new president of Maxxi

Maxxi national museum of 21st century arts

 ROME – Culture minister Gennaro Sangiuliano has appointed journalist and writer Alessandro Giuili as the new president of the Maxxi national museum of 21st century arts foundation. As of Dec. 12, 47-year-old Giuli will formally serve as president, replacing former president Giovanna Melandri after a decade.

 Designed by famous architect Zaha Hadid, the Maxxi is one of Rome’s most influential art institutions. The respected museum recently launched the project, “The Grande Maxxi” with a 42-million-euro grant. Sangiuliano’s decision to appoint Giuli was reported by local media to be approved of by prime minister Giorgia Meloni, who has a long-respected relationship with Giuli. 

 Giuli has worked as a political columnist for Italian newspaper “Libero” and was deputy editor on Giuliano Ferrara’s paper. He is also well known for his TV appearances on political and current affairs talk shows and his multiple books published. 

 There is a press conference scheduled for Thursday led by Melandri, making a final assessment about her time as president of the Maxxi, which she said, has been “a beautiful journey.”