Cardinal responds 'go screw yourself' to reports criticising Naples' church use

Archbishop of Naples Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe

 NAPLES – A look into Naples’ mass practices in a recent TV program reveals that “mass is over” in the city, with churches being used for female masturbation events, the Raitre interview program reported Tuesday. The state of Naples’ churches is shocking, with only 79 out of the 203 churches being used for legitimate worship. The city has more churches in the historic center than even Rome does, and yet it is less pious than ever.

 The Raitre report investigated what the more than 100 unused churches were being used for now. The program proclaimed “mass is over” along the news that Archbishop of Naples, Cardinal Crescenzio Sepe had decided to allow free usage of some churches by local organizations. However, what those organizations were doing in the vast amounts of religious real estates was exposed as not so holy.

 Reporter Danilo Procaccianti said, “Last September 19, the miracle of the liquefied blood of St. Gennaro took place once again in front of thousands of enthusiastic faithful. Of miracles performed, however, we discovered others. Some Curia buildings have even become luxury hotels.” Proccianti said that events such as Halloween parties, rock concerts, and even an event on female masturbation was held. 

 When the reporter pressed Cardinal Sepe for more information on why he allowed the questionable use of church buildings, Sepe was quoted as responding with a less than eloquent, “go fxxx yourself.”

 When these events were reported publicly in the media, the Neapolitan Curia immediately intervened by rescinding the relevant conventions. But as reported in the programme, there is still much to be done to revitalize Naples’ religious sect.