Kite surfer violently thrown out of helicopter finally begins postponed injury trial

53-year-old Alessandro Ognibene was severely injured after being thrown to the ground by military helicopter in Oct. 2018

ROME – Injury trial for 53-year-old Roman kite surfer finally begins after an incident with a military helicopter in October 2018, local jurisdiction announced. It was reported on Wednesday that the trial will start in January of 2023, with the prosecution claiming that the violent accident was caused by a military helicopter that was practicing an exercise while 53-year-old Alessandro Ognibene was kite surfing. 

 Ognibene was kite surfing over a Roman beach when he was sucked into a military helicopter and the thrown out with force straight to the ground, resulting in an injury. He, and others, claimed that the military helicopter was at fault for his fall. 

 The trial was postponed several times since the incident occurred on Oct. 3, 2018 over the Torre Flavia beach in Ladispoli. Several witnesses that watched Ognibene fall out of the sky reported their accounts to the judicial court of peace. Fisherman, Marco Lorenzi, and accommodation facility owner, Santino Esigibili both corroborate the story of the kite surfer. Marco Lorenzi stated to the courts, “I was behind the dune, after the sail was raised, I saw the body go up in a rush and then go down, dead weight.”

 Both witnesses noted that there was no extraordinary wind the day of the accident and they agree with the prosecution claims that the injury was caused by the military helicopter. 

 The next hearing will be held on Jan. 13, 2023, where the mayor of Ladispoli, Alessandro Grande will be called to testify, clarifying the municipality limitations on the army exercise that may be used against the defense in the upcoming trial.