Second National PIWI vine award to be held in Northern Italy

Wine assessment

 SAN MICHELE DELL’ADIGE – On Nov. 9 the Edmund Mach Foundation will begin the second National PIWI Wine Award.

 The event will start on Wednesday at 2 p.m. and will welcome 82 wine brands coming from all over the Italian Peninsula. 

 The Jury will be composed of 30 preselected experts, amongst whom are enologists, wine technicians, journalists, sommeliers, researchers and more. The grading process will begin with an opening ceremony at 2 p.m. and will resume on Thursday morning in the ‘Ricerca e Coscienza’ palace.

 The wines will be graded according to the ‘OIV - International Organization of Vine and Wine’ grading system. The Jury will work alongside students enrolled in the Enology course, in order to allow them to prove their competences in the field.

 The awards ceremony is set to be held on Dec. 2, together with an event to which will participate German and French wine researchers who will be given a chance to present their projects.

 The Edmund Mach Foundation supports and helps promoting wine brands who use over 95% of PIWI grapes, particular for their high resistance to fungus, thus grown with little to no need of pesticides. 


The winners of the first PIWI wine award