Amanda Knox reunited with other former suspect in Perugia murder

Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito smile for a photographer while on their June trip to Gubbio

PERUGIA – Amanda Knox, the acquitted suspect in Meredith Kercher’s murder in Perugia, returned to Italy in June and met with ex-boyfriend, lawyers, and former prison chaplain, Italian press reported.

 It has been over 10 years since Knox was acquitted of the murder she was wrongfully convicted of, and her recent return to Italy was reportedly to go on a trip to Gubbio where her and ex-lover and other ex-convict, Raffaele Sollecito, had planned on vacationing but were then tried for Kercher’s murder. Knox’s trip was not only to see her former boyfriend, but she also reunited with former lawyers and prison chaplain that helped her throughout her trial. 

 Knox remained close in contact with her former lawyers, Luciano Ghirga and Carlo Dalla Vedova, and as reported on Monday, she made a stop in the Umbria city in June to meet with them. Ex-boyfriend Sollecito explained to press and photographers that this trip where they were reunited in Gubbio was “very bright but bittersweet.” Knox smiled for photographers in Perugia and was excited to be around the people that helped her through her prison time and trial.

 Lawyer Ghirga explained to local press that “she seemed well, but a little changed,” and chose not to revisit the house where the murder took place. Ghirga said, “[Knox] used to be very outgoing and now she is more quiet and focused on being a mother.” 

 These recent reunions have not been Knox’s only trip to Italy since the murder. She returned in June 2019 to take part in the festival of criminal justice in Modena. That same year, the European Court for Human Rights ordered the Italian state to pay 18,000 euros in damages and legal costs after the “sensational failures” of the justice system that convicted Knox and Sollecito.

 Knox has since made a career as an activist and author, telling her story in through her own book, Waiting to be Heard, and exorbitant numbers of press interviews. In the book, I'm coming with you - prison interviews with Amanda Knox written by Rocco Girlanda, Knox said, “On the very day we discovered Meredith's case I was supposed to go to Gubbio with Raffaele.” The pair’s June trip to Gubbio is like rewriting history for them; the two can finally experience what they had hoped to instead of the tragic reality.

 Press also reported on Monday that the only fully convicted suspect of the murder, Rudy Guede, had published a book in September titled, The Benefit of the Doubt – My Story. Guede said to press, as he claimed all throughout the 13-year sentence he served, “I did not kill Meredith. I was the ideal convict, with no family, no money…” His book tells his story whereas most press surrounding the murder had been focused on Knox and Sollecito.

 The story of Knox, Sollecito, and Guede, has been a complex and emotional one for all parties involved. The trip to Gubbio that Knox and her ex-boyfriend took was a semblance of closure for the pair.