The Pope prays for Ukraine amid missile delivery

Pope holds Ukrainian flag

ROME – Pope Franics speaks on a possibility for peace in Ukraine while an announcement is made that Ukrainian military forces have received surface-to-air missile systems from the United States.

 On Wednesday, Pope Francis said to an audience, “Let us not forget to pray, to continue with prayer for the tormented Ukraine. May the lord protect them and lead us all on a path of lasting peace.”

 Forces in Moscow seemed to show a slight acceptance of the Pope’s mediation, and there are hopes from both the Pope and French President Macron that there will be a continuing dialogue about peace. A mediation for peace may be possible, however presently in Ukraine, the military must be on defense.

 With the help of the United States missiles, Kiev will defend itself from Russian helicopter attacks and the deadly Iranian produced kamikaze drones that are terrorizing the capital city.

 The Pope continues to condemn the invasion of Ukraine during his speeches and to pray with the public amongst looming nuclear fears.