Teacher banned from schools for life after relationship with 17 year old student.

The Supreme Court of Italy, also called "the building of justice."

ROME – As reported by the Supreme Court of Cassation in Rome, a high school teacher from Milan has effectively been banned from “all walks of life,” following his appearance in court regarding student relationship scandal. 

 On Monday, news was released that the teacher, who had already had previous teaching infractions on his record, will never be allowed to teach again. The teacher had reportedly been in a romantic and sexual relationship with one of his students before she turned 18, while she was still in school.

 He testified that although the girl was a child at the time, she reciprocated the same feelings towards him, and the relationship was completely consensual. He added that even the girl’s mother was “fully aware and in support” of their relationship. 

 The predatory teacher was quoted as saying in front of the supreme court that the crime was “not so serious, because the relationship was a result of initial interest from the minor.”

 The Ministry of Education in Milan had reports dating back to 2018 of the teacher’s wrongdoings, and he had been fully dismissed of his right to teach that year. However, he appealed the decision and was brought to court again, resulting in the recent comments from the supreme court. 

 Italian newspapers “Corriere della Sera” and “Il Giorno” reported that despite the man’s insistence that the relationship was consensual and not criminal, the court had the final say on the matter, and he has been banned from schools for life.