The Luxury Network Awards 2022 in Istanbul

The Luxury Network International Awards - Press Conference, Photo:

 ISTANBUL – The Luxury Network is the world’s leading luxury affinity marketing group, with 15 years experience in the international market, over 40 global offices, and 600 exclusive member brands.

 The Luxury Network International has set Turkey, Istanbul, as the chosen host city for this year’s The Luxury Network International Awards. The annual celebration recognizes companies and brands nominated for their achievements in the luxury industry. The honorees will include both well-established companies and emerging luxury brands, on the local and international levels as well as humanitarian personalities and successful business leaders. This year’s awards will take place at  Shangri-la Bosphorus, Istanbul on 30 September, 2022.

 “We really wanted to make a statement this year, both in location and recognizing the achievements of these brands and companies,” said Fares Ghattas, Global CEO of The Luxury Network, “Istanbul is in the center of the world and famous for being a silk road and a hub of cultural exchange in the world of luxury and art, so it was the perfect fit for this year’s gala and awards show. This event will be even more exceptional than our past events.” He added.

 The awards will be presented to the winners of 20 various categories during the gala dinner, whilst the guests witness some performances by A-list singers Carole Samaha and Andy Madadian throughout the evening. The celebrations will continue into the night, highlighted by both the beautiful venue and the prominent guests in attendance. The awards will not only accentuate achievements in the luxury industry, but also the extraordinary work of Aryana Health Care foundation, our official healthcare partner,RIF Trust, our luxury freedom travel partner, Maserati, our luxury automotive partner, Bitexen, our crypto currency partner, Shangri-la, our luxury hotel partner,  and Hapag Lloyd, our luxury cruise line partner of The Luxury Network International Awards 2022.

 “When we entered the market,” stated Ghattas, “we knew we were really forging new ground by creating market affinity partnerships and collaborations within the luxury industry. We began organizing and managing high-end joint events between the world’s finest brands, allowing them not to only showcase their business, share costs, entertain their own VIP clients and prospects, but also to meet new pre-qualified High Net Worth (HNW) customers from other collaborating brands. It’s an innovative concept of ‘don’t fight them, join them’ – creating a non-competitive environment between the brands and offering their clients new ‘experiences’ through affinity partnerships between brands. Our enormous success over the past decade has really proved a concept model that works and highly sought-after in the industry with our member database of over 30,000. It really has disrupted the luxury industry in the most positive way. Our annual awards gala sums up and celebrates that success and spirit.” he added.

 The Luxury Network Awards will be bringing together over 50 luxury brands from over 25 countries hailing from Europe, CIS, Middle East, Africa, Asia, and the United States. Some of the award categories include luxury hotel, private jet, haute couture, car brand, sustainability, real estate development, national brand, yachting, jewelry brand and many more.

 A press conference and luncheon for all international and regional press and media was held at the luxurious Shangri-la Bosphorus, Istanbul on 20 September 2022.