Vikey self-check-in solution revolutionises hospitality industry, turning hotels and vacation rentals into smart accommodation

 LONDON- After the two-year state of emergency across Europe, the tourism sector has seen major percentage increases across all EU countries. Concluded in the midst of the Pandemic, Brexit, which saw the exit of the United Kingdom from the European Union, has certainly negatively affected the tourism sector in Britain. Despite being isolated, its sights continue to enchant and attract many visitors, especially since nothing has changed for European citizens in terms of documentation for entering the United Kingdom. As a matter of fact, London is, or at least was before the pandemic, the third most visited city in the world. Some 19.2 million tourists move through its streets each year. According to data from Statista, as a result of the pandemic, the number of foreign travelers to the UK has decreased by 24 percent -- from 41 million visitors in 2019 to less than 10 million in 2020. Now that the pandemic is over, it is possible that the UK will be taken by storm like other tourist destinations.

 During the Fiera Internazionale del Turismo (FITUR) held in Madrid from Jan. 19 to 23, 2022, Julia Simpson, president and CEO of the World Travel & Tourism Council (WTTC) said "The latest booking data reveals that Europeans are once again inclined to travel. Bookings for Easter and summer are many."

 According to booking data, intra-European travels have had a 275 percent surge in the first quarter, and arrivals from international countries will increase by more than 280percent over 2021.

 Against this backdrop of a general recovery in tourism, Vikey, the all-Italian startup founded in 2016, has developed a solution for automated keyless entry and bureaucracy associated with check-in operations for hotels and apartments intended for vacations and short stays.

 "We wanted to present a concrete solution and a new way of conceiving hospitality,"says Luca Bernardoni, CEO and co-founder of Vikey, the startup that is innovating the hospitality world by launching remote access, online check in and domotics on the Spanish market.

 Solutions that were certainly well suited during the emergency, but even more now that the tourism sector is back in full swing

 The solution of self-check-in devised by Vikey allows you to remotely open, through an app on a smartphone, the front door of facilities as far as the door of the room or apartment booked. The bureaucracy such as payments and the request of ID documents can also be done completely online, before guests arrive. The system thus handles all aspects of check-in and check-out including the sale of additional services and additional experiences provided by the host.

 By installing the Vikey central hub on the intercom inside the facility and the Vikey Smart Lock on the door of the room or apartment, it will be possible for hosts to remotely open for guests or make them enter by using their smartphones, securely and easily.

 Hosts can accept all reservations (including last-minute ones), increasing occupancy rates and saving considerable time and money compared to the traditional check-in process.

 Vikey can also make the host facility fully automated by managing energy consumption. Even if guests leave heating or lights on, Vikey's system automatically turn everything off.

 Vikey is a company focused on digital innovation and home automation. It has continued to grow in experience and research. Over the years, it has established important partnerships both nationally and internationally with major property managers and associations in the tourism and hospitality industry. The company operates in nine countries and oversees the check in of as many as 8000 accommodation facilities with a total of 1 million reservations handled per year.

 Vikey is a provider of excellence, flexibility and innovation at the same time. It is able to understand the needs of the individual and devise a customized, tailor-made smart solution.