Cultural heritage protection unit return stolen archaeological artifacts to Panama Embassy

The two objects that were recovered

 ROME – Two artifacts were returned after recent criminal investigations into international smuggling.

 At 14:00 on 24 June the cultural heritage unit returned two archaeological artifacts to Panama’s Ambassador to Italy, H.E. Ana Maria Reyes, which had recently been recovered as a result of investigative work.

 In attendance were the Minister of the Panamanian Government, H.E. Janaina Isabel Tewaney Mencomo, Panama's Deputy Minister of Multilateral Affairs and International Cooperation, H.E. Ana Luisa Castro Novey, and Minister Embassy Counsellor, Dr. Wilson Dawson.

 Among the artifacts returned was a terracotta vase from the Gran Coclè culture – dating from between 850AD to 1000AD - which was found in the present day Panama. The artifact was recovered after a complex investigation into international trafficking by the Crotone public prosecutors’ office.

 The second item recovered was a terracotta vase seized in Naples as part of a criminal case. The vase, which was made in Panama, was seized from a private citizen.