International money transfers from Italy are cheaper than ever before

 With the global workforce becoming mobile, international money transfers have equally grown in prominence. One of the major drawbacks of international money transfers is the fees charged for a successful international transfer.

 However, with the advanced technologies and the pressure from the UN, fees for international transfers are at an all-time low. 

 Today sending money abroad has become super easy and can be done almost instantly. With the development of digital banking and mobile apps for money transfer, you can make any international transaction from the comfort of your home.

 While online international transfers offer you convenience, if you are not careful, you might end up paying more than what you should for your convenience. Today, the market is filled with hundreds of online options that offer international payment services, which makes it confusing which one to choose.

 You must understand that fees charged for international payments can be quite high. Therefore, it is the worst to investigate different service providers to get the best deal.

 While international payments can be made from any nation to another, today we will focus on international money transfers from Italy to other nations.

 Money Transfer For Expats In Italy

 Italy doesn’t impose any restrictions on inbound and outbound international money transfers. Under the EU Law, freedom of capital is guaranteed to every individual. In fact, if we see transferring money to Italy or from Italy, it should be a straightforward process. 

 This is when you are working with a reliable online platform. If it's the first time you are doing it, there are many things you need to be aware of.

 For instance, even though a platform offers affordable money transfer services, they are usually followed by its own process. This process can sometimes be delayed. However, in an emergency where you need to send money urgently, it can become an expensive process. 

 The easiest way to transfer money from Italy is to proceed with an international bank transfer. In fact, you can even use a money transfer as well. No matter which method you choose, you need to have an Italian Bank Account to proceed with the international money transfer. Now, just because you have an Italian bank account, you need to consider the following things.

  • Fees.
  • Cash Control Rules.
  • Foreign Asset Tax Compliance.

 Taxes In Italy

 Taxes in Italy are collected by the Italian Agency Of Revenue. Every individual who is working in Italy requires a tax number. This tax number is an important piece of document that is needed for most paperwork. 

 To get a tax number, Expat needs to take their Passport or any other ID verification card to the Provincial tax office and fill out an official form.

 Income tax in Italy is progressive. That means the more an Expat earns in Italy, the more they would be liable to pay taxes. Foreign residents who live more than 183 days in Italy for work purposes are only needed to pay taxes earned in the country. However, for the citizens of Italy, they need to pay taxes on the income they earn both locally and internationally.

 Foreign Exchange For Expats In Italy

 According to, the costs of transferring money from Italy to the UK are approximately 1.5%-5%. That is a very broad range, but it means some of the readers could be paying 500 Euro in fees for each 10,000 Euro they transfer, a painful thing indeed. 

 While Italy gives the freedom of inbound and outbound international money transfers, there is one thing that concerns us - they don't publicly advertise their foreign exchange. So, you can't really know how much you are being charged.

 Sure the wire fees can be 10 or 20 euros, but that's nothing compared to them taking 2% or 3% from your total transfer in exchange rate spreads. 

 With the above being said, it's a new dawn for international money transfers. There are hundreds of services worldwide taking on the banks. 

 Wise is perhaps the most noticeable and has the highest exposure, and its EUR to Pound rates are ridiculously good at ~0.4% spread, a great choice. But those who prefer other types of service.

 For example, speaking to a real human who can help them with questions regarding their transfer. For that, there are different types of services named brokers, which are quite popular among Expats in Italy.

 Steps To Successfully Transferring Money From Italy To Other Nations

 To send money in EUR to the USA, you first need to convert the currency. The conversion fee is 0.54 EUR. After the conversion, you have to pay 0.47% of the total amount that has been converted. 

 These calculations are done in the back end, and the charges are shown upfront. Yes, some payment methods will have added fees depending on add-ons with the transactions. But, that’s usually a tiny amount that you would hardly notice anything.

 As there are no big or hidden fees, the overall transaction experience is smooth and affordable. In fact, as the amount of money transfer increases, the transfer charge decreases, which encourages individuals to make international online payments.

 Here is what you need to make Online Money Transfer From Italy

 Step1: Create A Bank Account In Italy

 Before sending money from Italy, you need to have a bank account in Italy. Although Italy offers freedom to the individuals regarding their money, they ask the people to have a bank account in Italy for security purposes. 

 After you have a bank account, you can either go with a bank transfer or take help from any third-party application. If you are going with a mobile application, you first need to register yourself and link your bank account, and only then can you make online international money transfers.

 Step 2: Set Up Your First Transfer

 The next thing to do is to calculate the transaction fees. If you are using bank transfer as a medium, the staff will tell you everything about the charges and how much time it will take.

 However, if you are going with an online platform, you just need to fill in some necessary blocks. You will see all the charges upfront.

 In addition, you will be able to track the journey of the money and when it will reach the other end.

 Step 3: Complete Your KYC

 Before confirming the payment and transaction, the service provider would want to know more about you. This might include the amount of the money, the purpose of the transaction, whether sent to an individual or a business, and your personal details.

 This KYCis used for security reasons to ensure the transaction is legit, and if something happens, they have the contact details to get in touch with you. 

 Step 4: Whom You Are Sending

 Yes, it is important to highlight to whom you are sending it. This makes your transaction more clear. Whether you are sending it to yourself, someone else, a business, or a charity, pick your answer. 

 Fill in some basic information about the recipient of the transaction for the same reason. This might also include banking details.

 Step 5: Pay Your Transfer

 Once every detail is filled up, give the last verification so that to ensure you are not making any mistakes and pay for the transaction. 

 Now, would you like to go with a credit card/debit card or wire transfer? Make your choice. Each payment method has its steps to work on, and changes vary accordingly.

 Frequently Asked Questions

 Q1. Is There Any Minimum Or Maximum Money Transfer Limits?

 To tell you the truth, there are! But, it totally depends on which online money transfer company or service you choose.

 There are many service providers who target different audiences in the market. Some target only the student class individuals with low money transfers. These services offer basic features and charge less compared to others.

 On the other hand, there are some premium service providers whose upper limit can go up to millions and come with high transfer charges and premium features.

 Depending on what services you are choosing, the transfer charges and deliverability will vary.

 Q2. How To Keep Your Online Money Safe While Sending From Italy To The USA?

 When you are making online transactions from Italy to the USA, online security matters. This is the reason why money transfer companies take this very seriously and ask for all the relevant information to ensure the transfer is legit.

 While companies are doing their best to make the transfer secure, you must also play your part. 

  • Double-check the privacy policy and tracking process of the service provider.
  • Use long, strong, and unique passwords. 
  • Ensure that your money transfer offers two-step verification. If SMS and email are also included, that makes it even better.

 The Bottom Line

 There you have it. Now you know why international money transfers from Italy are getting cheaper. We have tried to cover everything in this small excerpts. However, if you feel that any of your questions were not answered, reach out to us. We will help you get what you are looking for.