How to make sure your family is always safe

 Unfortunately, we live in a world where a lot of darkness exists and it appears that the more time goes on, the more ruthless this darkness becomes. Many people have deep-rooted fear because of all the horror stories we hear happening in this world and for this reason, safety is very important, especially if you are a parent of a small child. We must always ensure the safety of our families because there is no telling what might happen. Kidnapping, house break-ins, and car hijackings are all things that people are having to consider these days. Additionally, there are potential threats to personal safety while out for a walk that must be taken into account which is why talking to strangers in person or on the internet should be strictly avoided. If you have children, you must make it a point to regularly discuss the importance of establishing boundaries with strangers which include not engaging with strangers at all. You also need to discuss methods of protection that your family can use in unfortunate times of danger and if you are wondering what methods are available, you’ve come to the right place. 

 Phone tracker apps 

 Phone tracker apps have a controversial reputation because of the invasion of privacy concerns, however, in some instances, these apps are services that are a necessary way to ensure the safety of your family. If you suspect your family member is in danger or if you have a teenager who you are concerned about, you can use a free phone tracker app to track their location using GPS tracking technology. These apps will inform you of their location whether their phone is moving or stationary and some apps even take it a step further and allow you to monitor text message activity. This includes sent and received texts as well as deleted texts. These apps are great for any safety concerns you might have or if you just need to put your mind at ease knowing the whereabouts of loved ones, especially children. The world is a lot more dangerous than it was before however, teenagers still need their freedom which we cannot deny them. Phone tracker apps are a great way to give teenagers their freedom yet ensure their safety at all times. 

 Stranger danger 

 If you have kids, stranger danger is a warning to them that strangers are all potentially dangerous and it is particularly dangerous for kids who are most vulnerable in society. To properly educate your child, you need to explain to them what a stranger is and also explain that it is only okay to speak to someone they don’t know while they are with you and never when they are on their own. You can begin having these discussions with kids as young as 4 years old and it is also important to teach your child that it is never okay, under any circumstances, to get into a car with a stranger. Kids are an easy target for predators because of their loving and trusting nature, therefore it is the responsibility of adults to protect kids at all costs and you must encourage your kids to kick, yell and scream if they are in danger.

 Check your car

it's important to always check your car before entering, especially at night. This includes checking the backseats, front seats, and the trunk to ensure safety. There have been too many reported instances where criminals were waiting in the backseat or trunk of a car and then attacked unsuspecting drivers. This can be avoided by doing these quick checks routinely before starting your car. 

 Lock all the doors 

 One of the most important and easiest ways to add a layer of safety is to lock all your doors. This can include car doors when driving as well as the doors in your home. When the sun goes down and it becomes dark outside, you should ensure all doors in your home are locked and all windows are closed. This check should also be done before bedtime to reduce the risks of break-ins.

 Self-defense lessons 

 Lastly, self–defense lessons are a great tool for safety. These classes can be anything from Judo to Karate to a kickboxing class and will give you useful tips on how to defend yourself and also how to get away from danger using your body. This is helpful for situations where you are under physical attack by someone without a weapon.