‘Tsar’s Suicide’ Putin murals removed from Lombardy capital

 MILAN – Street artworks depicting Vladimir Putin with a gun to his head was removed a short time after it was put there, said the artist and activist aleXsandro Palombo on social media.

 “Apparently the repression and censorship of Vladimir Putin also have an effect in Milan," Palombo commented.

 The pictures, forming a series titled ‘The Tsar’s Suicide,’ showed the Russian president wearing a red tie and putting a gun to his temple. It was removed by authorities from the walls in various points all over the city where it had been placed.

 "The artistic work was removed in a short time,” denounced the artist on Instagram. “This will not, however, stop our freedom of expression and our art, as a voice in support of the Ukrainian people.”

 “Silence makes us accomplices,” wrote Palombo.