Bambino Gesù hospital to take Ukraine child cancer patients

Mariella Enoc, President of the Bambino Gesù hospital

ROME – The Bambino Gesù children’s hospital, under jurisdiction of the Holy See, has said it will welcome child cancer patients from Ukraine, said the hospital’s president Mariella Enoc.

 “It is the pope's hospital, above all a 'human' hospital, which has always welcomed children from war zones, such as the Central African Republic, Syria, Ethiopia,” Ms Enoc said.

 “Seeing the images that came from Ukraine, I thought we can help their children right away too. Children with cancer in Ukraine are very numerous and their treatment cannot be interrupted,” said the hospital president. The high incidence of cancer is still largely linked to the Chernobyl tragedy. Almost 26 years have passed "but we know that radiation continues to have effects for a long time,” she explained.

 Currently there are already Ukrainian children hospitalised in Rome, who arrived before the outbreak of the conflict. Twenty beds and accommodation for their families are in place for the humanitarian operation.

 “We have medical teams who could leave to reach these children and take them to our hospital. They are very fragile, with very few immune defenses, they need immediate care.”

 "We are committed in all the countries of the world where our help is needed, we hope to be able to help in this case too. For us it is a humanitarian project which we feel the duty to take charge of, we do not ask for anything from the national health service.”

 President Enoc talked about the consequences that the war will have on children's lives. "It’s something will remain for life ... let us think of our children who are unable to forget the lockdown and the number of suicides is increasing. A child who has heardbombs, has seen death and destruction, has fled with his family, if he too starts smiling again, something inside his heart will always remain.”